The Ubiquitous Dion Johnstone


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Aug 31, 2001
I keep seeing this actor's name in the SG1 credits and finally looked him up on Yes, it seems he has played most everything and everyone -- Chaka, Nayonak, Lt. Tyler, amongst others. A very talented young man.

One mention in Mr. Johnstone's SG1 list did not ring a bell:
"Stargate SG-1" (1997) playing "Wodan" in episode: "Forsaken" 1997

I don't recall an episode by that title although the character name sounds familiar (hmmm, maybe all alien names are beginning to sound familiar :blush:)

Anyone out there remember this episode? Did it run under a different title perhaps?
That would put the episode in series one, on or before Singularity. And I can't see any sign of an episode with such a character, or Dion himself listed.

BUT, on the other side of the coin, IMdB also lists "Forsaken" as written by Damian Kindler, who also wrote "Fragile Balance" and "Memento" (are they season six?)
I was wondering who in the world he was! He was also in "Rules of Engagement."

IMO, he's earned enough frequent-gater points to be invited to a convention. Well, that and he's very easy on the eyes. ;):blush:

Dion played Wodan in Season Six's "Metamorphosis" -- the lead mutant with telekinetic abilities.

"Forsaken" is also a Season Six episode, but no Dion there. 8)

The IMDB entry for Dion Johnstone lists "Metamorphosis" as the most recent, but does not mention which character (like we'll just know who's under all the latex :D)

And clearly IMDB has "Forsaken" in the wrong season. It hasn't run in my area yet -- coming up this Friday.

Hmmm, I suppose I should drop a friendly email to IMDB to get the corrections made. In the meantime, we should keep an eye on Mr. Johnstone, a talent worth watching.
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Turns out Dion Johnstone IS in "Forsaken" -- undoubtedly under all that latex somewhere.