changeling ramifications *spoilage within*


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Sep 24, 2000
ok, now if you're not spoiled and haven't seen Changeling, you may want to turn back now. there will likely be spoilage in this.

so, teal'c and bratac are now symbioteless (sob, junior's dead...guess that's what they meant by the death of a minor character)

now what?
teal'c's now hooked on tretonin, guess he's sorta like a diabetic now, has to take the drug or he dies. changed one dependence for another. but what ramifications will this have on him personally?

will he lose his strength, his resistence to diseases? can sam not sense him anymore (she sensed junior, junior's gone)

whatta y'all think?
First :
Has that episode aired yet? Or is it the one for this week?

My feeling is ...
1) Will his hot cross bun design on his tummy disappear now?
2) Why with all the knowledge the Tokra contain, could they not find a better way than making him drug dependent?
Wait, I can answer that myself.
Because they needed a climactic possibility. You know they'll have atleast one episode with him almost dying because he didn't get it in time.
I mean atleast the symbiote was always handy to perform his duty.
3) If he loses his strength, then he has just become another large man with a gold tatoo on his forehead with alien origins.
(Don't get me wrong, I mean I'll still love him, but his character in losing the symbiote and possibly his strength has become more obscure. Not to vent, but they barely give him any camera time now. Just wait til they down grade him like that.)
it aired in the uk this week, will air in the states in about 3 weeks.

as to teal'c's 'x', i think it may eventually fade, but not go away forever. in bane, janet said it had started to close and she had to surgically open it
{hopefully I won't ramble - I'm an escapee from "Stargate Technical" ;) }
Its one of those "just don't think about it" plot-holes really - there is a beautiful little larval symbiote healing everything within Teal'c (and his kindred Jaffa) that the world can throw at them, yet they somehow leave alone the neatly incised X which lets them pop their heads out on demand.

There's no specific reason why Teal'c's strength should be attributed to the symbiote, just his self-healing powers and prolonged life.

Removal - the hard bit presumably is to kick start the inbuilt immune system again... it seems to have been suggested that a Jaffa would be taken over by their symbiote if it matured fully. Now, a normal symbiote doesn't destroy its host's immune system the same way the larval form does. Conversely, it probably could maintain the immune system the same way a larval form does, if it had to - it can certainly cure almost anything the environment throws at it.
The question - would a mature symbiote re-establish the immune system of the host after it matures in the body of the Jaffa, or will it simply carry on its earlier role as artifical immune system (which in the case of a brand new host it would not need to do).
Thanks, Guys for the information.
I will have to go back to that episode of Bane and look at
it more carefully.
And I anxiously await that episode where he loses his symbiote.
does this mean they no longer have to do kalnareem? & wouldn't they now require sleep? & what if they came accross a sarcofigus, could they put Teal'c in & make him a person (no Jaffa) like Jack in Hathor? ...which then would beg the question, if Teal'c hates the G so much why didn't he yank Jr. out & jump into a sarc when ever SG1 had oportunity & access to one?
Despite how much he hates them, I would guess the benefits are quite significant - Bra'tac looks darn fine for someone of 133, and they get all that extra healing, some protection against drowning etc...
Originally posted by PTeppic
There's no specific reason why Teal'c's strength should be attributed to the symbiote, just his self-healing powers and prolonged life.

By stimulating the release of hormones within the Jaffa's body, it could trigger long-term changes in their metabolism and the growth of muscle. It could also release extra Adrenaline at critical times.

But if Teal'c keeps working out in the gym, he should continue to stay in shape. ;)
Now y'all know O'Neill is willing to kill off another Jaffa to get Junior II for Teal'c! Surely the Asgard can help us out. How about killing off a Tok'ra with a young symbiote?

And will the gold head thingy fall off Teal'c's head?
i would think that teal'c now needs to sleep. meditating is fine and he can still do it, but it won't take the place of a good 8 hour snooze.

I would also presume that he will no longer have his speedier than normal healing. Yes, the tretonin will augment his immune system and he won't catch a cold as easily, but if he cuts his finger, it's gonna now take days for it to heal, just like one of us.

If junior was augmenting his steroids to make him stronger, he won't have that now. he'll have to pump iron just like everyone else.

he will also have a dependence on the drug. If they get marooned off world, he's got an achilles heel. if the tretonin runs out, he'll die. and he may start to age more. They made no mention of it in The Cure but it's definitly been said that junior slows his aging (he's mighty, mighty fine for 103) and junior won't be able to do that anymore.

he's also lost his naquadah. sam could sense the naq. in junior to sense teal'c, and he could use it to sense he can't. Unless of course they say that he's now got naq. in his blood.
:p Yeah, well all that is fine................. BUT IS HE GONNA HAVE HAIR? :eek: I Hope,I Hope,I Hope!!!!! :D
There's no evidence/reason that being shaved/bald was anything to do with the "little chap"... :D
being bald seems to be a personal preference of his. might have somethign to do with his jaffa-maka he used to wear (peter deluise's words not mine <G>)
:upto: Honey, CUTE is just ONE of the words I use to describe TEALC :naughty:

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