Worst Sci-Fi movie of all time

Jan 5, 2003
Okay, what is the absolute worst horror movie you've ever seen? One that is so bad, it's not even good. One that is so bad, you couldn't even finish watching! My pick would have to be Battlefield Earth. I hate that movie so much. I couldn't even finish watching it. Not like it matters though, I could care less what happens.
i would have to say the first Dune movie, it was horrible tottaly threw me off, i havent seen close to half of it, it was so bad
Thanks Ray :D

Worst SF movie of all time? That is a hard one, because we will have to go by what we have seen, and if anyone has ever watched Mystery Science Theatre 3K, you will know that there are an awful lot of bad movies out there that most people will thankfully never see!

Lets see. My least favourite movie that a lot of people seem to love is probably Dark Star.

What about Masters of the Universe? The live action He man movie? Truly terrible :dead:
The one popularly quoted as the worst movie ever was Plan 9 from Outer Space
Never seen it personally.

I walked out on 2001 when it appeared in the cinema, and there are few I've done that too, usually been laughing too hard to leave
'Plan 9 from Outer Space' is so bad, it's funny, and so is good, in a perverse sort of way.

For a really bad movie, I would go for one of the many 'Alien' rip-offs that appeared in the early '80's. One in particular 'Inseminoid' is truely dreadful. Judy Geeson must screem constantly for about 40 minutes of the film. (If there was an Oscar she has my vote for Best Screamer, with Bonny Langford in 'Dr. Who' a close second place.) I actually saw this at the cinema (I was much less discerning in those days!)

edit: It is also known as 'Horror Planet'.

Another really bad film would be 'Morons From Outer Space'. I wasted an hour and a half of my life on that one.
There was one I watched in college with our sci-fi movie group. We used to watch classic movies and MST them...if we could get the MST3K versions, even better. Anyway, Manos, Hands of Fate is the most awful sci-fi movie I can think of. To this day, I'm not even sure what the plot was supposed to be. And I've seen it more than once. We used to "torture" newbies with it. There are other really bad ones, but that one comes to mind. ;)

Another classic bad one (but not worse than Manos, IMHO) is Santa Claus vs. the Martians. I think there's also an MST3K version out there.

I personally liked Dune...well, most of it. It's worth it just to see the early Patrick Stewart footage.
All I'm gonna say is....

BLACK KNIGHT starring Martin Lawrence.
I liked Dune too - it really shouldn't be anywhere near the top of a worst-of poll.

As for Black Knight, well, I saw all the adverts - only in print mind you, never a trailer - and it looked as bad as you say. I doubt I will ever waste 2hours of my time on it.

I would really like to pick up some of those MST3K eps - they used to play them all the time on the UK Scifi channel, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of them in ages. You know, I might have to email Scifi about that.

I used to own Plan 9 from Outer Space - I quite liked it, it was sooo bad :lol:
The scenes from Ed Wood concerning the movie just make it een funnier too!
well since every one seems to be against me on this one, ill not say the original dune, instead ill change my vote to Star Trek #? search for Spook(spelling?) i thought this was the worst of the star trek movies:(
I actually liked that one. IMO, #5 was the worst one. That was the one with the crazy Vulcan who thought he could find Paradise, IIRC. I can't recall the title at the moment. The Undiscovered Country is still my favorite, though I also really enjoyed The Voyage Home and Generations.
would have to say Star Trek 3 and 5, and This Island Earth except the version that MST3K took the P### out of as that was class
Leonard Nimoy's Vulcan character was Mr. Spock -- actually, he was half-human, which made for a few interesting eps.
Originally posted by sidewinder
would have to say Star Trek 3 and 5, and This Island Earth except the version that MST3K took the P### out of as that was class

The MST3K version of "This Island Earth" - that one I've seen, and it is BAD - well, the MST parts are great - but the movie? horrid --

"House on Haunted Hill" (the remake) is BAD! very very bad - once you get past the first 15 minutes (yeah, the part w/ James Marsters as the news camera man and Lisa Loeb as the reporter) stop the tape, dvd, change the channel, whatever - it just goes straight down from there --- very very bad --
Lynch's Dune One Of My Favorites

Take "Dune" out of this thread. It was magnificant. I followed it completely and I like David Lynch because he makes you think (just think "Twin Peaks"). Dune really had an epic storyline and the contrast between water and sand was huge. The design and set was out of this world and the characters were memorable and strange. All of this was tied by a Lawrence of Arabian space adventure.
I think Dune being a worst movie was a minority opinion, Tabuno. For my money, I agree with you. But do you have a worst SF film?
sorry that was just my opinion and the only reason i had it was because the Scifi channels version was so much better and it seemed truer to the books, and i love the books:D:rolly2:
Worst Movie? - It's Probably Forgotten

You ask really tough questions. Truly if I saw the worst sci fi/fantasy movie, I'd probably have pushed it back into the depths of my mind so that it would never get out. But I did see a wretched movie last year on Satellite that was boring with practically nothing happening except long shots of walking around and poorly acted that it rates way up there:

Brotherhood III: Young Demons, The (2002) (V)
Worst Sci fi

It was classed as fantasy/sci fi but it was so bad it deserves mention anywhere.

Zardoz with (believe it or not) Sean Connery !!.

It was made in 1974 it was awful ,I bet SC does not want to even be reminded about that one. I fell asleep the first time watching it. Second time I had nothing to do that day.

A really bad corn pone sci fi movie was Ice Pirates, remember that one ?.

These were simply awful movies IMO.

Even the actors I am sure are ashamed of these. :dead:

Me too, I liked Dune also

I haven't seen any of the other films mentioned in this thread, so I can't really comment on them. :p

But for me, the worst film ever would have to be "The Blair Witch Project" (does that count as Sci-fi?). It was not only not scary, it wasn't even vaguely interesting. They could have repeated the same 10 seconds of footage for the whole film, and I honestly don't think I'd have noticed the difference. :rolleyes:

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