1.19: Rage


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Jun 13, 2001
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Episode 19: Rage


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Jan 5, 2001
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I didn't make notes on this one, but I'll try to do a summary. There seemed to be a lot more swearing in it than the other episodes, and it was quite violent.

It began with the murder of Prof. Chandra by a little old lady synthetic in a car park.

The Odyssey 5 team play a recording that Chandra previously made. He tells them how to find a new weapon to fight the Sentients. Angela is training with Russian pilots and Kurt and Chuck argue over his obsession with her.

They take a key to a locker at the central Bus station and Sarah opens the locker. Despite precutions such as neil and Chuck opening another locker, and Kurt with his Synthetic scanner, a small boy steals the CD-rewritable inside the locker. The boy is a Synthetic and uses the 'scream' noise. Another Synthetic is also involved, but somehow the team catch him and escape with the CD.

Neil finds that it contains a program to trawl the net and pick out Sentient code. There is a search facility that can sort out frequently used words. "Lawndale" is popular.

Sarah remembers that Lawndale was in the news today, the site of domestic violence. It was also the scene of a riot in the original timeline.

They go to Lawndale posing as a news team. Kurt and Angela pretend to be a young couple renting a house. Kurt seems to enjoy this more than Angela.

Everyone is acting very agressive, even the O5 team. They consider that it could caused by TV or computer images, radio waves or the water. The electricity pylons are very noisy and the power use is very high -- indicating Sentient activity.

Kurts friend finds that a water sample reacts to an electric current, producing an enzyme. The enzyme seems to act on human physiology to produce rage.

At the water plant, the engineer tells them that the pipes move and rebuild themselves. They suspect that it is a Sentient like LU7. They realise that this enzyme added to everyones water could produce world wars. They corrupt the water plant distribution program with a virus Neil has for just such an event ;)

They return to Lawndale in time for the start of the riot, but manage to stop it with when Chuck starts a fire. Sarah gets a great news story, much to the disgust of the other anchor woman.

The go to Chandra's funeral. Few other people are there, but two Syntheics watch from a hill nearby.

"Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive" is a quote from Jim Morrison, the 'Doors' lead singer, and is the title of his biography. Chuck says he thought that it was said by a Texan. I don't know if it's relevant, or if so what it means, but Jim Morrison went to school in New Mexico. He was also thought to be very weird, wrote the song "People are Strange" and "Strange Days" among others, and died quite young under mysterious circumstances. Maybe I'm reading too much into these things now. Of course, he also wrote "Light my fire" and Chuck started one, and "Five to one."

Did you know that some people write pages and pages about the real significance of 'Beatles' lyrics that is equally as absurd?

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