Book: The Art of Star Wars (Attack of the Clones)

ray gower

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Jun 5, 2001
Bought this because I found some of the development sketches and pictures were quite spectacular.

Reading it however offers rather more than that:-

First, it shows what a busy bunch the graphics designers were when making this film, trying to bring concepts, vague thoughts and ideas together to suit the whims of Lucas and others. Giving a good sense of what they were trying to prove with the scenary and characters, even if those were totally lost in the rest of the film.

Second, it actually explains what the film was trying to achieve and where they were. Again something that the film proper (for me) only vaguely skirtted. Plus a few pearls of its own about the development of the film.

The full screen play for the film. A remarkably small section of barely 30 pages. Less than 40,000 words of dialogue and direction covers the 178 scenes and has to carry the whole story forward. Compared to an average modern sci/fi novel of 150,000 words, there is nothing there!

For anybody who wants to know what goes into designing a film, or what this film was supposed to be about, it is a good coffee table book to browse
I noticed this in one of those bargain bookshops and was very tempted to pick it up - just didn't have the readies at the time. Might give it another chance next time I see it, I do like those large glossy books that they put out with some big movies.
Have to confess. I wouldn't pay the cover price, but the £9 asked by the book swindle seemed a fair trade ;)

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