1.15: Begotten


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Jun 13, 2001
First aired 15 Jan 2003 - Sky One UK.
(We got it before Showtime aired it!)

Kurt has been meddling in his lab with the flotsam and jetsam the gang have picked up during the course of their investigation, in order to fight their enemy they must know it, so Kurt GROWS a synthetic!!!! As you do.
Said synthetic is incomplete and needs to feed off a chemical found only in the brains of human beings. It leaves a trail of injured and a paranoid Kurt in its wake, and the remaining four members of Odyssey 5 must track it down before it does worse.

The sub plot has Chuck giving a young girl a ride cross country. I saw the twist here coming a mile off, but the way it was executed was still very satisfying. The young lady Chuck is riding with turns out to be a memory (?) or a vision of his recently deceased wife. The actress did a veryr very good job looking like, and acting like the elder Paige Taggart. Wonderful, yet.

I missed the last episode - I didn't even know it was on! So it came as a bit of a shock to see all those things in the "Previously on" section. I am off to spoiler myself up with things that happened last week. Chat amongst yourselves in the meantime ;)

The most frequent feeling I had during this episode was disappoint that such a wonderful and original concept was being cut down in its prime :(


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Jan 5, 2001
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Originally posted by Tabitha
I missed the last episode - I didn't even know it was on! So it came as a bit of a shock to see all those things in the "Previously on" section. I am off to spoiler myself up with things that happened last week. Chat amongst yourselves in the meantime.

Then you missed the episode that moved the story forward more than any other.

The FBI question Chuck about Paige and her attempt to shoot the Senator. I hope that this part of the story is pushed further. In any other series we would already have had a reset button, and it would now all be forgotten. This series has consequences for every action, as is being shown by the Sarah story, Chuck’s conversations with his hitchhiker, and Kurt visiting the victim of the synthetic he created himself.

Kurt’s experiment reaches a conclusion. Something with three webbed fingers and no hair, climbs out of the tank and attacks him. It escapes from the lab and begins murdering people in the area around the dockyard. The ‘Frankenstein’ quote at this point was very apt.

The synthetic is some kind of mutant synthetic. It attacks by sucking the Seratonin from its victim’s brains, which it has a deficiency in. This makes it’s victims disorientated, depressed and paranoid. Kurt believes his friends are now all synthetics and has to be overpowered and tied up. They force him to take 5HTB, a drug used by ravers to increase Seratonin levels. They decide to use the 5HTB to set a trap for the synthetic.

Kurt used his own DNA to make the synthetic, and when it appears it now looks and can speak like Kurt. (Do you think the real Kurt has a tongue that long too? I was wondering about the girlfriends…)

The synthetic impersonates Kurt, locking the real Kurt in a warehouse. But just as Neil uncovers the truth, Kurt is able to escape; they kill the synthetic and burn the remains.

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Aug 22, 2000
Hmm well the whole synth plot was poorly executed i thought. A I took it the sentients grew bodies and then downloaded a "brain" etc.

So I was a little confused as to how Kurts synth was able to master basic skills such as walking etc. It then fully devolopes into Kurt, Well although it would look like kurt I dont think it would look as old "weathered" as he does.

Kurts blithering acting didnt help either. The breakign out of the iso container stealing a bike to defeat the synth in the nick of time was a bit A team.

I really enjoyed the sub plot of Chuck`s journey. I didnt see the link at first although I did think she does look like paige is that why hes protecting her. Anyway as they chatted it became obvious but still endearing to watch.

Im still not happy with last weeks episode, Chuck with the FBI has redeemd a little of that but I agree this needs pushing further. The O5 crew have been up to all sorts of stuff that has been ignored by the Law so far.

Wel I watch while I still can.

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