Jonathan (Danny Strong) Speaks!


Jul 17, 2001
1,357 has published an interview with Jonathan a.k.a. Danny Strong.

I have published the notice here instead of the "Buffy General Discussions" or "Other Characters" forums because it will spoil Season Seven for you if you haven't been watching.

It is safe for those of you who have seen the most current episodes of Buffy.

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
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Jun 6, 2001
Not a bad article --

and he's right - on BtVS - if you die, never fear (okay, don't fear much) b/c you might get called back to do something else - it seems to be easier to 'recall' characters in SF/F stuff than it is in action, dramas and such -- (not that they don't do it, but you get the idea) --

anyway --- I'm looking forward to tonight's new ep!!

And - I wanna see "Chance" -- <sigh> too bad we can't even get a film festival to clear the Appalachians ---

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