2002 Best SF/Horror/Fantasy Film

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Save Angel!
Jun 13, 2001
As promised here's the poll - let's choose the overall winner of our favourite films award. What's that? What award does the film get? Well, repeated viewings, praise and dissection from loyal fans of course.

You could say there are no losers in this poll ;)

Anyhoo, here they come, there is no option for other, I ask that you choose the one movie from the list that you enjoyed the most....
Had to vote Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets but Nemesis was a close second.

annette :)
I voted for the lad with the glasses. No, not Peter Paker. Harry Potter!
Probably won't see tCoS until it's out on video, so my vote goes to Arag-- I mean, tTT. :)
I voted Minority Report. I have just ordered the DVD - so when it comes I'll remind myself why exactly I love it so much. Apart from the double-whammy of Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell of course (well, you did bring Aragorn into it pkgrl!)
Gotta say Star Trek even though I didn't like how it ended. I haven't seen TTT yet. I know, I know, I'll go see it soon. I promise ;) I just haven't had the time.
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