Please help me out!!


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Dec 9, 2002
Hi there!I was wondering if ANYONE can tell me where I can download Stargate the movie.I've been trying on Kazaa and looking other places,but so luck.And I reeeeeeally want to see it ,it's one of my favorites ever!Please let me know!! Thank you,thank you thank you!!!!!!:( KAD.
Sorry I have no idea. But the Video and DVD have been re-released, and if you cannot afford the DVD the video is pretty cheap I think, plus it won't be all dodgy ;)
Why can't you go out and rent or buy it. The new Stargate: Ultimate Edition DVD can be had for like 15 bucks in the US, prolly around the same price elsewhere. You shoukld be able to rent the Theatrical Cut at least just about anywhere in the world...

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