Missa want da script

Ko'or Oragahn

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May 12, 2002
Is here anyone who knows how I could get the final script of the original film with Spader and Russel ?
Theoretically this could depend on which countries version you want. :rolleyes:

The censors in each country may want very slightly different cuts that, in particular, remove any swearing. (Though its unlikely anything vital will be different.)

BUT, the bigger question is, do you want the vanilla movie as released, or the Director's Cut, now available on retail (at least on DVD in the UK).
Stargate script

*waves and adds to request for script*

Any? All? I've been combing the web for the script for hours and can't find a darn thing. :( I'm really wanting it for source material to write a script for a friend's birthday, so any script of the movie at all, any version, would be GREATLY appreciated.

Kevona :)

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