Whats ur favorite episode and why?


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Oct 29, 2002
Now i realize that this is a over used topic but i want to know because i have never before ever found other people to talk about Stargate with and i want to hear opinions. So tell me What is ur favorite episode and why?

Mine is Nemisis, because it is the begining of the replicators, now thoose are some cool bugs.

Ok whos next?....................
You'll find lots of folks to chat about SG1 here. It's a fun group and very welcoming of new people. And you can always branch out to the other boards at ASciFi if you have other program interests.

A single favorite episode is hard to pin down. So many are so good and for different reasons. You might consider for variety's sake (from the over-used topic notion) to ask for a favorite episode in each season.

Just picking a couple that come to mind (and it is early in the morning here in Maryland):

My favorite in S1 was "Fire & Water." It allowed the cast early on to show great ranges in emotion -- from the despair over Daniel's "death" to Daniel's frustration dealing with the alien after being abandoned. Two mysteries to solve and a peaceful, if not happy ending.

My memory is a little fuzzy on S2 & S3, so I'll say nothing at the moment.

S4's "The First Ones" (yes, I'm a DJ fan) started as a search & rescue with a dead Unas as a potential goal and ended with Daniel discovering that un-Goa'ulded Unas are not animals, but beings of intelligence. I really liked how DJ started also from the premise of "those are my friends coming to rescue me and to shoot you" and ended with him learning a few words, communicating with Chaka.

S5 & S6 I have yet to see the entire season, so must reserve judgment.

Keep in touch. :wave:
Well, currently my favourite Episode is Redemtion 1+2, Season 6. But that's only taking season 6 so far into consideration, lol.

I love the Ep 1969 - it's a classic, and I always love time travel because it makes you think.

I love others that I can't think of too, but I haven't seen enough to decide my ultimate favourite, lol.
i have so many favourites!!! but the 1 that stands out the most has tobe Urgo! Dom deluise is sooo funny! that ep woz a right laugh!

but ne eps with marty (jr) are awsome
One of my faves has to be There but for the grace of god....:cool:
My Favorite

Ok i thought that i should put this out there so every one can know my favorite episode to,

I mostly lean towards the ones that are more comabat oreintaed but would have to say that Window of opportunity in season 4 episoede 6 was the way to Funny not to be the best iv ever seen
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Originally posted by Marty's Mine
lol yeah dat woz a good 1. sam nd jack kiss!! woooooo!!

I loved that part too! I've actually rewound my tapes several times to see it again. Rewind...rewind...rewind. :lol: Sorry, inside joke.

Like everone else has expressed, It's hard to pin down a favorite but I might be able to do it for season.

S1: either solitudes or hathor. (And I can't pin down one ep either :)) Solitudes: because of that one scene where jack says that it's his sidearm. Hathor because you get to see the women kick butt. Now, whenever I see frazier I think of "rambo-frazier"

S2: I think this is my favorite season. It had so many great eps. Except for Bane. I didn't like that one too much.

S3: Shades of Grey: I think the story was very good behind it.

S4: Window of Opportunity: Like I said b4, I've rewound the tapes.

S5: I haven't seen all of it but I can probably tell you that Ascension was/is/will be my favorite. IT was just wonderful. And Orlin was so sweet. and cute too. :D but there was some wonderful acting and u got to see Sam at home.

S6: The Other Guys: I was laughing so hard at this. IT was hilarious. Also I have to give kudos to Allegience. Posssible spoiler.
the scene at the end gave me an image of all three peoples holding hands around the gate singing kumbaya!

Originally posted by keltikkitty
S2: I think this is my favorite season. It had so many great eps. Except for Bane. I didn't like that one too much.

Ketikkitty makes a good point about Bane -- not on my list of favorites either. And I just saw Politics again -- necessary as a setup for the S1 finale, but mostly a season retrospective with far too much of that pompous ass Kinsey (I really prefer Goa'uld System Lords to idiot politicians ;) )

Accepting that, just as we all have eps we like, there are eps that didn't work for various reasons -- lack of action, major plotholes, innane dialogue, inconsistencies and editorial oopses.

So, would it be heretical to set up a thread asking for fans' least favorite episodes and why? :evil: Or would that be crossing into dangerous, :alienooh: territory?
You could have a least favourite Ep one I suppose, but it wouldn't be as fun.

Can I just say theat in Window of Opportunity, if there's nothing better than the Sam+Jack kiss, it has to be the look on the other Sam's face, lolololol, i love it!!!
I would also go for the parallel look on Jack and Teal'c's faces when Daniel mentions the concept of consequence-free action... very clever episode, and the not-taking-self-too-seriously thing, which is important.

Obviously, "Show and Tell" has to be another favourite, even though so many Reetou had to die... :(

From a purely personal view I tend to prefer the action and sci-fi/technical episodes, rather than the more dialoguey/emotional/politics ones, so for example most on Chulak and set purely on Earth are a lot lower down the list. But, I also like the longer-term multiple-episode threads, bringing stuff/people back after a gap.

Single episode: VERY tough. Perhaps "Window of Opportunity", but I still haven't seen any S6, so this may change.
In Season 3 my fav is "Jolinar's Memories." It had a whole lot of action and several exciting plot threads.
In Season 4 I really liked "Exodus." I think it was probably the most exciting one.
In Season 5 "Ascension" is my favorite. Even though it didn't have much action, Orlin was absolutely adorable, and also,
I loved the part where Teal'c and Jack show up at Sam's door.
In Season 1: "Within The Serpent's Grasp" love it specially because it have great action.

In Season 2: "Thor's Chariot" because we see the Asgards for the first time.

In Season 3: "Fair Game" interesting storyline and great action.

In Season 4: "Crossroads" because it was the beginning of Tanith in SG1.

In Season 5: "Between Two Fires" because we see more of Tanith and the Tollan story was great. In second place it have to be a tye between "Summit" and "Last Stand". All the story about the summit and the System's Lords was cool.

In Season 6: "Allegiance" Love the story, the action and of course the guest starring of Peter Stebbings as "Malek". ;) My second favorite definitely is "Abyss" totally love the interaction between Daniel and Jack in this one. And the torture's procedures of Ba'al. :evil:

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Favorite Episode


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wow, i didn,t expect so many diffrent opinions, but i guess i should have, and i agree with almost all f u, they are all great episodes, and its just so hard to pick one.

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Originally posted by Leyla
You could have a least favourite Ep one I suppose, but it wouldn't be as fun.

I started the 'least favorite ep' thread and the discussion is lively as well as thought provoking. It isn't meant to diss the show, but to assess which eps and themes don't work as well for the audience. There is a surprising amount of agreement amongst those responding on which shows just didn't reach the quality expected.

To their credit, the writers of SG1 have produced fewer eps than other sci-fi shows that are on my list of things "I wished I had never seen and hope never to see again" (Top woofer on my list is Star Trek Voyager's "salamander episode" -- so horrible that I refuse to look up its correct title)

Choosing a favorite and least favorite is hard -- choosing per season makes more sense, and of course, some seasons are better than others. Generally one has to be a bit more forgiving in S1 because it is a new show with cast and crew working out the bugs, settling into developing characters. etc. By S5 there are few excuses left.
good man u have choosen correctly, :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2:
Fav Episode

I'm not sure what my favourite episode is. I guess it might be Exodus. It's got Apophis (my favourite bad-guy), it's got Tanith, it's got the Tok'Ra (especially Selmak, who's my favourite Tok'Ra), it's got action, it's got that kick-ass Apophis Warship. But most of all, it's got one excellent cliff-hanger. I love the way that they make you think that the cliff-hanger's that they're lost in space, but then Apophis comes along too to make things worse. Both that last shot (of Apophis' ship bearing down on them) and the music during the scene really send chills down your spine and make you go "Oh...Dear!":eek:

If I had to pick another good episode, I'd say "Serpent's Venom" because it's got both Heru'ur and Apophis facing off against each other. Not to mention that award-deserving performance of Teal'c being tortured but not giving in. Outstanding!
Yeah, I love Window Of Opportunity as well. One of my other favs is The Fifth Race...the speech at the end gave me hope.

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