Talismaniac - fansite or something more?

Hi Tabitha,
I tryed to visit the site, but I don't have permission to access it.
Is there a way to visit it?
Thank's !
Too bad that this site does not realy exist.....
Love the series and i'm searching for english subtitles, to translate them in my language.
I have found only for the 1st season and for the 2nd season till episode 8
Maybe you know where I can search for the rest of them?
I have the videos of the whole series. I am searching for the english .srt files (subtitles) for each episode, so I can traslate them in greek and watch the videos with greek subs.
But thank's anyway :D
I keep hoping they'll do a new movie or series, but Witchblade seems stuck in development hell. Maybe if Dr. Strange is a success they'll take another look at Witchblade. The anime series they had back in 2006 has some cool aspects to it.