1.09: Apprehension

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Jun 13, 2001
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gs: John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman) Kenneth Welsh (Captain Joe Siri) Eden Roundtree (Charleyne) Bill Mc Donald (Jerry Orlinsky) Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante)

Sara (Yancy Butler) is investigating the murder of a pimp when she receives a mysterious package. She starts reeling when clues suggest the enemy may not be who she thought. All she can trust is herself, and hopefully... the Witchblade.

[Info from www.epguides.com/witchblade ]
Really liked this episode, I liked how the story flowed, how it made you, the viewer kinda second guess whether Jake will turn on Sara. But thankfully he helped her escape from those bad guys ! :D

I heard a rumour that SciFi US has picked up the show for a third season, is this true ?
Last I heard the third season had got through 4 or 6 episodes and then been cancelled - due to star Yancy Butler's alcoholism. Haven't heard any more on that front since the summer.

It is nice to know we still have the rest of S1 and all of S2 ahead of us here in the UK.

I did like this episode a lot. I still wouldn't trust Jake as far as I could throw him though ;)
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