1.06: Maelstrom

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Jun 13, 2001
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gs: Kim De Lury (Conchobar) Bill Mc Donald (Jerry Orlinsky)

Sara races against a ticking clock to save Conchobar when he's kidnapped and used as bait by an anti-terrorist group intent on arresting his brother for past IRA involvement. In the end, the battle for Conchobar's life becomes a battle for the Witchblade.
First of all.... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

How could they kill Conchobar? Even if he did have a silly accent.... :mad:

It was lovely to see Sara all happy, although I suppose too much to hope for that she would stay that way. The thing that disturbed me most in this episode was the mention that perhaps the Witchblade was jealous of Sara's relationship with Conchobar. Truly weird, but perhaps a little reminiscent of Buffy, and the historical lonliness of the Slayer.

So much happened in this episode, I felt like it was an entire movie. There is so much background information I am missing too - I am dying to figure out who the mysterious character in black is, the one that is ostensibly working for the evil white haired dude, but seems to keep helping Sara. Hmmmm, I wish SciFi would re-run the tv movie.

Anyone else out there wanna talk to me about this great series? Or does knowing it is doomed make you not want to bother?
Not open for further replies.
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