1.05: Legion

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Jun 13, 2001
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gs: Roger Daltrey (Father Dennis Del Toro) Nestor Serrano (Captain Bruno Dante) Kim De Lury (Conchobar) Paul Robbins (Edward Nolan)

A priest is brutally killed, and a young member of his congregation is the prime suspect. Despite the boy's affirmations of guilt, Sara suspects something else is at work. Investigating, she comes to believe that the boy was possessed by demons, and yet she still believes he was not the one responsible. She also fences with Father Del Toro, who has been assigned by the Vatican to investigate. Del Toro seems to know a great deal about the Witchblade as well, from its time when it was kept at the Vatican. Eventually Del Toro is revealed as the true murderer. Assuming demonic form, he and Sara battle and the Witchblade allows Sara to banish him.
I like I like I like.

For me this is the episode in which this show really hits its stride. We now have a partially complete history of the Witchblade, and all I want now is some explanation of what is happening in the present, and with Sara's parents.

I *think* I like the Irish boyfriend. His terrible accent (I'm Irish - and a quick perusal of imdb suggests that Mr Kim De Lury is an Aussie) grates a little, but I am glad he is still in one piece for the moment. I am very conscious of how it was mentioned a few eps ago that everything that Sara does or encounters is now 'directed' in some way by the Witchblade. This means that the writers kind of have an easy out - they don't have to make up ludicrous explanations for chance meetings of the right person at the right time. They can just restate the idea that everything is determined by whatever mystical forces guides the fancy bracelet. Hooking up with the kid with the handy knowledge of many things mystical was quite bloomin' lucky for Pezz, wasn't it?

Anyway, on to this episode...

Wow Roger Daltrey was scary here. He was kind of hard to buy as a priest, so I was suspecting he would be some kind of big bad. I actually couldn't tell the point at which his voice became enhanced with the boominess!
I still don't understand the deal with the kid. He wasn't possessed? Or was he? Was he just a nasty attention-seeking kid, or was the evil priest possessing him in some way?

My favourite part of the ep was when Sara was ranting on to her ex-partner about the possibility of him hooking her up with the dead priest. And the encounter with the priest himself was wonderful.

Intrigiuing and fun (in a weird sort of way) ep. Four stars
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