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David Fury speaks!

Discussion in 'Buffy' started by obcooke, Oct 10, 2002.


    obcooke OB-Wan

    Jul 17, 2001
    Scoopme.com has an interview with David Fury. Mostly about Season Seven. Here's some tidbits.

    (6.11 Gone)

    A: Rumor has it that the cute brunette in the social services office raising an eyebrow at our tortured social worker was your wife, Elin. How'd a guy like you land a hottie like that? I'd like to interview her, baby.

    Fury: Severe nearsightedness on her part. As for the interview, have your people call her people. Best of luck.


    A: There seem to be new writer-shaped people on the rosters at both Buffy and Angel. Who are they, and where do they live?

    Fury: Drew Goddard, all nine-foot, two-inches of hunky goodness, is the new god on Olympus, I mean, writer at Buffy. He's written a great episode in "Selfless."... (Buffy 7.05, upcoming)

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