TV Guide Write up


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Aug 21, 2000
In this week's TV guide. It has EveryBody Loves Raymond on the cover. For the zillith time. It has an one page article on how no one knows why Witchblade and Farscape were cancelled. It's so brief read it in the check out.

One section to quote, "the suprise decisons to cancel sci-fi channels's highly praised farscape and tnt original series, witchblade, have left fans scratching their heads. and despite frenzied save our show resucitaion of either seems unlikely".

witchblade has received over 100 thousands votes to continue the show and it seems the voices are not being heard!
Gah. It's doesn't matter if they get millions hell billions of votes. They never listen. It's like over at

We got thousands of votes but did they listen and keep NC17 fics? No. They compleatly ignored us and even kept e-mailing people to renew their subscriptions and this is too people that have like all NC17 fics that are being removed.

So I really think it's just hopeless. We can fight. We can yell. We can type e-mails till out fingers bleed but they will never listen to us. They made up their minds to stop the show so they did it not careing how many people love it.
so true, the show will only come back in syncication, i hope they give us some closure on the show.

it won't be back for 3 months, since it has started in the uk maybe that will help.
I liked the show a lot and if they had made it with the intention of only going two years or had even given any kind of closure to the series then it wouldn't bother me so much. However, when you just cancel a show without any warning and leaving it hanging to the extent that they did then it really annoys me.