Which of M Night Shyamalan's films is your favourite?


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Jun 13, 2001

I found it to be a bit of grower, but after watching it four or five times I think it has actually found itself in my top five or so films (don't ask me to list them, they change almost by the hour).

But many would choose his first big break, the supernatural thriller that spawned any number of copycats (Dragonfly, Mothman Prophecies) The Sixth Sense.

How many of you have seen Signs? I watched it just recently, and am currently working on my review, which I will post as soon as I can. It is very good, but I am not sure how much I like it in comparison to the first two - Unbreakable is definitely better that Signs, but is The Sixth Sense? I am not sure.
It's a good one - and not just if you are a big MNS fan. Lots of nice touches - I can see from this why people have compared him to Spielberg.
Hehe. I watched it all alone in a movie theatre - I was convinced someone was going to grab me, I was very very scared :D

I know some of you are going to read this and think. It's one of them type people. But I think Signs has a deep spiritual meaning. A tradgedy happens and a pastor loses his faith. It's not he dosen't believe in God anymore, it's he won't believe in god anymore. The two scences that follow show this. In the scene where they're haveing their "last meal" he makes a comment about he won't say another prayer again. And in the scene where it's Grahm and Myrel on the couch in the midle of the night. The thing he says about there being two kinds of people in the world. But then at the end he realieses everything happened for a reason. It took one dramatic event for him to lose his faith and it took another one for him to get it back. O.K. now that you've read it, and i've gotten it off my chest. Let the reviews begin. :rolly2: :(
I have only see the Sixth Sense so it should be my favorite right now. It was a great movie.

Krystal :cool:
Well, I've only seen the Sixth Sense and Signs. Sixth Sense was great! Signs kinda sucked.:rolly2:
I haven't seen Unbreakable yet, so I votes Signs. I liked the Sixth Sense, but it wasn't quite as good.
M Night Shyamilin

of the films of his that i've seen, The sixth sense, the signs and the villiage, i started out very impressed. i thought the sixth sense was sensitively done and well made. i was genuinely surprised at the ending. since then i have been disapointed. the signs just didn't grab me and the villiage was so bland.
now he has Lady in the Water, looks good on paper, but i can't help but wonder what the finished product will look like.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

I feel much the same way you do. Did you see Unbreakable? What did you think?
Parts of signs were well done, parts...not so much.
LitW received such horrible reviews we decided not to see it in the theaters.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

forgot unbreakable. i think that says it alll. and it could have been so good!
its strange really, i don't set much store in commercial reviews, but where it comes to certain films, i get put off by the slightest thing.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

6th sense was good, i didn't see the ending coming, but i think stir of echoes, which is similiar, is far better. not just cos of kevin bacon, but he helps

unbreakable was depressing! i came away with the general feeling that, you can't overcome your obstacles, they can destroy you! as the wheelchair guy (i can't remember actor or character now!) was broken completely by his brittle bones. i found it depressing.

the village was very pretty to look at. it was entertaing enough (love adrian brody and his big nose) and the ending was good, but it took a while to start and i was bored

couldn't get into signs. didn't help that mel gibson is init and i boycott his stuff. i tried to force myself, but i got bored and that was it. i found some stuff to do online instead (it was on tv)

so yeah, pretty films, very pretty, but they're varied with whether they're good or not.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

Saw LitW last weekend. Enjoyed it but can see why it wasn't popular. Kind of gentle and old-fashioned, sort of, but still self-aware.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

I haven't seen Lady in the Water yet, but on the whole I'm a Shyamalan fan.

I was completely bowled over by 6th Sense and was awed by the twist. Even without the twist, it was an excellent film.

When Unbreakable came out I rushed to see it and, even though I was looking for it, I was caught out by the twist. I can understand why this film wasn't loved, but I thought it was superb.

When Signs came out, I really spoilt it for myself. I was convinced that the aliens wouldn't be real - I was waiting for the twist. And of course the twist was more of an irony instead. I still loved the film. The performances were excellent and it had a very eerie feel about it.

The Village, on the other hand was a huge let down for me. I was big-time disappointed. The "twist" was something that I had actually taken for granted all the way through the film, and I just felt that Hollywood had pushed Shyamalan to come up with another film when he wasn't ready.

3 out of 4 isn't bad for me, so I'm likely to give his new one a go. I just won't expect much this time round.
Re: M Night Shyamilin

Sixth Sense was amazing, but I hated Unbreakable and The Village. Unbreakable was depressing and silly, The Village seemed amatuerish which is odd it was Shymalan's 4th (or 3rd) major film. I did like Signs quite a bit, although I guess I'm in the minority with it. It was so beautifully filmed and the quiet of the film was more brilliant than any music score could've been. Lady in the Water has gotten terrible reviews, but man, it looks pretty good in the trailers. Will I see Lady in the Water? You bet, but probably when it comes to dvd.
Re: M Night Shyamilin


I didn't think Unbreakable was depressing - Bruce Willis becomes a sort of realistic superhero and he thwarts the bad guy (Samuel Jackson) - was a good ending for me. Samuel Jackson's character was portrayed throughout the film as a victim, but the twist was that he was the villian - I think a couple of people have forgotten that bit!

I was disappointed with the Village too - the twist about the creatures was too thinly veiled for me, but the second twist about the Village itself was well done and the acting of all the main players was very good - Joquin, Brody, Hurt etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed Signs - Joquin Phoenix is brilliant in most films he's been in, including Walk the Line and Gladiator. I thought the death of Mel Gibson's wife and his grieving and loss of faith was all handled sensitively. And the TV footage of the aliens was well done too, I thought.

The Sixth Sense was genuinely disturbing at times with a good twist. I didn't see it coming till the bit with the ring, then I sat back and said, "Jesus!".

Haven't seen Lady in the Water yet, but I will, despite the terrible reviews it's received. I like Paul Giamatti (he was superb in Sideways).
Re: M Night Shyamilin

I just think MNS needs to diversy a bit more.
Directors get stereotyped as well and now all his movies have to have a twist. I haven't seen LitW yet so I don't know if that does - it's apparently a bit of a departure for him so possibly it doesn't.

I'm probably one of the few people so far to have actually enjoyed the Village. I didn't like the last 45 minutes or so and the inevitable twist I saw coming a mile off but the scenes in the Village itself and the first "attack" by the monsters was quite chilling and well done. Signs I didn't like because of it's somewhat sacchrine approach to Redemption (note the capitial R) and I found it ludricrous aliens invade a planet 70% covered in a substance lethal to them (I'm not even going to going to start with the fact it rains on Earth as well).

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