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The West Wing - more than just good tv


Nexus 9.1 For Sale. One Careful Owner
Jul 4, 2007
Seascale, England
I used to have TWW boxset marathons years ago. For days & nights on end I would try to allocate time for 3 or 4 episode per day (sometimes more at the weekends). And then when the credits rolled for the final episode of the final season I would quite often roll back to episode 1 of the first season and start over!

I just loved its mix of accessible politics, good story arcs, great acting and a general sense of knowing you're watching a great show!

However, even though I am still a fan the "marathon" days are long gone. In fact I don't think I have indulged in over 3 years now, although I do sometimes dip my toe in from time to time.

One reason for this is for the advent of streaming media over the last 10 years or so. No longer are you constrained with the limited and "safe" output from network TV, but the likes of HBO and Starz, have really opened up the world of great TV entertainment. And as such I barely have the time or inclination to watch old shows such as TWW. Although perhaps one day, I will dig out the DVD boxset and give it a dusting down once more.

What's next?