Is Stephen King really to quit writing?


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Jan 5, 2001
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There has been a rumour for some months that King is to quit. Entertainment Weekly says that it is true he will not publish any more, but he can never stop writing.

SCIFI WIRE -- Horrormeister Stephen King told Entertainment Weekly magazine that he will indeed hang up his pen for good after he completes several more books, repeating an assertion he's been making for a while now. First, his new novel about a troop of Pennsylvania state policemen and their relationship with a possessed vintage car, From a Buick 8, will come out, the magazine reported.

After that, King said he will finish the final three installments of his projected seven-volume fantasy series The Dark Tower. And that's it. "People are going to say a year and a half from now that the talk of retirement was ridiculous, because those will come out, but after that ... ," he told the magazine. "I'd never stop writing, because I don't know what I'd do between nine and one every day. But I'd stop publishing. I don't need the money."

King added that he'd just as soon file the manuscripts in a drawer. "Why not?" he asked. "What's wrong with that? J.D. Salinger's been doing it for years! There's a story I heard about this lady who works in a bank in New Hampshire, where Salinger has a safety deposit box. And every year he'd go in with a wrapped box. And if you've ever worked in publishing, you know what an 8-by-10 box is -- it's a manuscript. So she said, 'Are those books you're putting away?' And he said yes. And she said, 'Are you ever going to publish them?' And he looked down his nose at her and said, 'What for?' And it's one of those stories where you gotta say, 'If it ain't true, it oughta be.'"
*sniffle*well that kinda sucks!!!Ah'll give me time to finally read all those books I havent gotten to yet :rolleyes:

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