The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Finally a forum for Witchblade :D

Unfortunatly TNT has decided not to carry the show for a third season.

So if anyone wants to discuss the first and the start of the second season please feel free.

I will be gone for 7 days, but when I return be ready :D
*sniffles* I can't believe they cancelled it. Well anyway, I personally liked this show because it was so different from the standard sci-fi stuff that we have been seeing recently. I like that it had a strong female character and that there was a lot of things that you could never really be sure about such as what kind of problems Ian's feelings for Sara would end up causing.
i think ian is what sara needs. he can provide more info to who she really is to make her even stronger, to bad he was warped by kenneth irons, maybe now that irons is some what incapacitated maybe there relationship will grow.
I doubt it...Sara doesn't trust Ian in the slightest and he thinks he needs to take over "daddy's" business...he's got a strong personality and morals even if they are a little bit warped though...I mean he has his own sense of honor and that's nice to see in a darker character
trust or not, ian has all the info she needs now, gabrieal is just piecing stuff together.....remember the saying "keep your friends close your enemies closer"....that fits ian.
*snickers* very true...The two of them make an interesting pair I think...and she should definitely be keeping a close eye on him

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