Sliders coming to DVD!


Jan 5, 2002
Report came last week over several websites! Here's one that sums it up:

So far this appears to just be a Region 1 release (US and Canada). We also do not of yet know what form the release will take. I would hope they would begin with a season one box set. Season one was only 10 episodes worth (@ 8 hours) which should easily fit on 2 discs. However, Universal could start it out with just the pilot movie or some type of "best of" compilation. Also no word on extras, but co-creator Bob Weiss is attempting to work with Universal on that aspect. We'll keep our fingers crossed the extras work out.



Questarian Gaterider P3g
Sep 12, 2003
I not too happy with the box and caseing of the DVD's. I know Season One and Two are clumped into one giant box set, which is kind of cool, but the discs kind of just... hang there. It looks really cool. And I mean... REALLY cool, but... I'd worry about scratching them more than I usually do.

I can't seem to find any store that carries it for rental. Though, I think the library might. I'd love to buy Season 1/2 and 3, but I definitely think its over priced. It was a great show; I loved it up until the Cromag plot shift. But I don't think its one of the "major" scifi shows. I know people who haven't even heard of it. If theres a sale on them, I might get it. But for now, I'm just going to have to wait.

Does anyone have the DVDs? How are the extras? And was it worth the price you paid?