6.19: The Changeling


The first time I watched this episode I got very confused right from the start. Maybe when I watch the ep again I probably understand it better. :confused:

I love this episode, it rocks! Chris Judge should write more!

It was great to see everybody as humans for once. It was even greater to see Apophis again, I've missed him! That was a great first scene for him, now that is one Doctor I CERTAINLY wouldn't want operating on me!:p

I thought it was very touching, the second to last Daniel scene. It always moves me when I hear that piano Ascended Daniel theme. The line, "I've never left your side, Teal'c" was particularly touching, not to mention it shows that Daniel is always watching over them all.

One thing though, why does Teal'c think of Shon'auc as his wife, not Drey'auc? They're both dead, but Drey'auc was his wife in reality! Also, where was Ry'ac? Surely he should've been thinking of him at a time like this! He certainly thought of Apophis, who should've been the last person he'd want to be thinking about!

Speaking of Apophis, the scene where Teal'c sees Apophis in his Mickey Mouse hat. Does this mean that there's a little bit of Teal'c who still thinks of Apophis as his God? Or is it meant to mean that Teal'c is afraid to die because he knows Apophis will be waiting in the afterlife for him?

A bit of additional info for those who don't have the DVD. That boy who's in the crashed car is Chris Judge Jnr (Teal'c's son in real life!). This bit of info was quite funny actually as Chris Judge also did the commentary for this episode. It lead to Chris commenting on the kid's on-screen father, "He can't be his son! He ain't black!"

Speaking of the commentary, Chris was completely blown away by the seamless transitions between dreams in this episode, having never actually seen the completed episode before.:rolly2:

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