Season Finale at ep 11?

...the hell???

I just finished watching "The Cure", and at the begining of the previews for next week's ep, they refered to it as the season finale!?!??!?!!!?

Shouldn't there be...more...than one left? :dead:
I have heard the rumor that SciFi intends to put S6 on hold midway through and then will pick it up again in spring 2003. They may be running S1 onwards in the meantime and perhaps rerunning the first half of S6. Probably worth checking their site to see what they say they're going to do.
If that's true... So much for not having a repeat of the horrible events Oct-Feb over on Showtime, eh? As I recall, the UK got to see everthing new about four months in advance of the US? Not that that's "wrong." But was a large bone of contention with the network. And caused the rabid need for digital video files being exchanged left, right and center.

Now, they've got the best rated show on the network and they're going to drop it? Are they nuts?

They got no calling to label it a season finale. Unless we just sit back and call the final 22 eps season 6 and 7 after all.
Actually no.
They (scifi channel) always do this. they will start again (just like with farescape sp?) in january or so...
Not every network's idea of a "season" is the same. SciFi is just running on its own wavelength. :rolly2:
Just seems to me there's big gaps. Stop new shows in mid-August, don't pickup season one until October, bring back new stuff in January? That's just too long. I'd have liked a situation more like "normal" television where they hold the eps until September and then get a nice clean run through the winter. Just a few weeks skipped here and there for the holidays.

Been reading some releases from MGM and SkyOne in the Uk, where I live. It turns out S6 will start in the UK in late september/early october and will run straight through. They also mentioned they will actually be ahead of the US by the time S6 starts up again in the US. Yay!!!!!
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Ok guys there is no need for any arguements about who gets what first!
It not anyones fault that we here in the UK get the dvds or the last half of seasons of SG1 first!
Im sure it does annoy the people in the States but there is nothing we can do about that!
This is not aimed at anyone but is just a note for you all to take on board

:D :rolly2: