Daily Call Sheet for MS directed EP. "Double Jeopardy"

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Jul 17, 2001
I have a copy of the daily call sheet for Friday, September 22, 2000 for episode 20D "Double Jeopardy" that MICHAEL SHANKS directed.

I got it from a friend during Gatecon 2000 and have just kept it since then, but now, if anyone's interested I can make copies of it for anyone that would like one. It's small sheets of paper just stapled together of the day's shooting schedule. It's about 5 x 6" and 12 pages. It's like they took the main script and broke it down into shooting days and shrunk it so it's easier to shove in a pocket and carry around all day.

It has each scene to shoot that day, the actors involved, pick up times and studio information, so much stuff it's incredible. Then includes the entire crew list for the day. And has the script pages of dialog they shot that day.

It's a cool keepsake and if you're a Michael Shanks fan it's a must have!!! This was his first try at directing and a great episode.

Remember, this is copies of a copy, so, you can read it but it's small and there's some stuff that's been worn off on my original copy so there will be some small blank spots. There were phone numbers on the original that were crossed out when I got it so I haven't changed anything but some info has been erased to preserve people's privacy.

I will be at Gatecon so if you'd like me to bring a copy for you there just ask and I'll have them ready for you, we can make a time and place to meet up.

Please email me if you're interested, thanks, SS
Cool keepsake! I don't want a copy of it, but I would love to see it. Meet you at Gatecon. I'm the 5'4" oriental woman with glasses.

Hey XST, I'll look for ya but with hundreds of people there don't know if I'll find ya. If you see me, stop me and say Hi, I'm bringing all kinds of stuff to show my firends so if you're interested in seeing it all let me know and we'll get together. If you haven't already, go to my website, there's pictures of me so you'll know what I look like and some great shots from past Gatecons. Later, SS

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