Weird thing I've been thinging about


I'm a princess
Aug 13, 2001
Ok I blam reading way to much fic and not sleeping.

Ok now heres the thing....Aphrodite helped Xena. Why? I know they were friends and all but Xana killed her whole family. Everyone she loved. Her brothers, sisters, her children.

Hell if Xena really killed all the gods so Aphridite and Ares were the only ones left that mean Bliss must have been killed too so her grandchildren too. How could she ever help the person to kill everyone she'd ever loved or cared about???

*sighs and gos back to reading waaaay to much Xana/Herc fanfic*


Nymphet Connoisseur
Apr 27, 2001
I think Xena only killed the gods we saw her kill. The ones who were actively involved in trying to hurt Eve. Or more accurately, the gods who were played by actors who didn't have other commitments at the time. ;)

As for 'Dite, I guess the reasoning was that as the goddess of Love, she was the one Olympian who wasn't able to muster up the desire to hurt someone. We hadn't seen her involved in any of the activity against Eve previously, and at the start of "Motherhood," she was definitely opposed to the whole thing. So while she couldn't fight against her siblings, she was able to give Xena a free ride to Olympus.

(Remember too that by that stage, they were prepared to offer Xena a spot on Olympus too.)

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