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Dec 29, 2000
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Stargate 2: An anonymous source recently sent in this scoop about the potential of the TV series coming to the big screen: "The agent for a couple of the actors on STARGATE SG-1 have said that the actors will be available for convention appearances because "there isn't going to be a SG-1 movie." Apparently, MGM was waiting to see if the 6th season ratings for the re-tooled show would justify a film budget, and not a single episode has broken a 2 rating so far, so the prospects for a second STARGATE film are dead". Guess Michael Shanks was lucky to get out when he did.
Ah, never say die -- the film might happen yet, just not on the previously suggested schedule.

And if the S6 ratings haven't soared as high as MGM hoped, well, who's to blame for that?

:( marginalizing a popular character to the point that the actor left the show
:( adding to the cast a character who has yet to win over the audience in any sufficient numbers
:( killing off characters, even entire races and "tying up loose ends" thus signalling that the end must be near
:( taking ever so much time to release the warly seasons on DVD in all regions, potentially risking a loss of interest and thus a loss of sales
:( not paying close attention to what the fans are saying on boards such as this one

If MGM is in trouble with this show, they've no one to blame but themselves. Perhaps SCIFI will have better luck and put more into it, listen to those whose opinions really matter, do everything they can to boost viewership and sales, and then someday see the value of making a film. It may, of course, be made-for-TV, but it'll be a start.

Just trying to be an optimist :)
Couldn't agree with you more, webmouse. They talk about plans for a movie and then change the winning formula - as you said, they killed off Daniel, introduced Jonas and 'lost' a few races.

The stories themselves for S6 sound good (I live in the UK where none of S6 has aired yet) but the dynamic has been lost. It would be like a detective novel introducing the guy 'whodunnit' on the last page - stupid.

Plus MGM don't realize the potential market in the UK. We have limited SG-1 merchandise available, if they put more out, they may see that there is a viable oversees market for a film.

Got a little off topic there, but I feel my point is made.

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