New QL TV film

Brit Chick

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Jun 25, 2001
Not sure how true this is, but in the August issue of Cult Times there is an article saying that they are thinking of doing a mftv film and having it possibly be a pilot for a new series. As to whether Scott Bakula will still be in it - bearing in mind Enterprise - Bellisarius said something along the lines that it was quite possible he would be.

My guess, is that if they do it Scott would be in the tv film maybe to hand over to someone else to continue in the new series

If they do it I can cope without Scott Bakula but I don't want to think of QL without Al

Anyone else hear anything about this ......
Yes it is true, an announcement was made by the SciFi channel. Recently a contact in LA close to Scott has said that he hasn't been contacted regarding the movie. At the time of the announcement Don B had also not been approached as he apparently found out the same way we all did.
Yeap, heard about that. Holding out judgement :p I understand that it's going to be "newer-younger" version but with the same premise.:erm:
a recent msg from 'inside the camp' has asked us to boycott it & I for 1 defo will be. I may have watched out of interest to see the outcome without Scott & Dean as there are ways they could get around not having them that would be acceptable (ie Sams daughter Samantha being the Leaper ?) but not to have discussed with Don B is just plain RUDE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been campaigning for years to get this film made but I have to say I do kinda feel sorry for the poor gal who is now gonna be buried by letters !!!!!!!!!!!

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