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Jun 5, 2001
As Tabitha is able to drop artist names at the drop of a hat. Perhaps we ought to devote at least one thread to some of the best that have been:)

For me, being an Eagle kid (at least until it went down so badly with its union with Lion) they would have to include Frank Hampson, inventor, writer and drawer of Dan Dare.
Remembering that he was always working to the tight deadlines of a weekly puplication, the amount of fine, but uncluttered, detail and expression he could include in his thirty or so frames is outstanding.


This was a small frame in Dan Dare 'The Red Moon'
Oh I have soooo many that I love. Kevin Maguire, who pencilled the Justice League's late 80s reincarnation. His style was so clean and simple and he had an amazing talent for facial features - especially considering how much humour was involved in that run.
George Perez, and Phil Jiminez have similar styles that I find very pleasing, especially when they are drawing the Greek Gods and Wonder Woman's amazons.
Alan Davis, I think I first encountered his work in the pages of Captain Britain, and later in DC's The Outsiders. For a quick look at his lovely pencils I highly recommend picking up The Nail, which is a kind of alternate-reality Justice League tale.


Adam Hughes' Wonder Woman covers are just incredibly beautiful - have a look at the attachment below, to see what I mean.


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NOt forgetting of course Alex Ross - check out his website for lots of samples of his art:



Most famously he brought us Kingdom Come in 1997 (or it might have been 1998. A four part graphic novel series set some thrity years or so in the future of the DCU. It is also available now in collected form, and I can't recommend it enough.
Also Uncle Sam is pretty interesting too.
There is no doubt about it there are/were some excellent artists doing cartooning out there and production on bonded paper, as typically used in American comics, compared to the Brits use of newsprint, really brings their skills out.

I liked the Hughes example particularly.

But there are some spectacular examples on the Alex Ross site. I'm now using one of them as my desktop wallpaper
Ross is just incredible... His renditions of the heroes always look to me the way the characters really *should* look if they were real people.

If you ever manage to pick up the Kingdom Come collected trade paperback (which I just cannot recommend enough) there are several chapters of 'special features' in which Ross describes his working methods and the real people (often famous people) that inspired the appearance of many of the heroes in his work.


The above link has a good list of pages devoted to some of the most highly regarded comics artists in the biz.

Here is Adam Hughes' website, check out the other Wonder Woman covers - they are all uniformly great.


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