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May 24, 2001

A new ep called Forsaken to take place in late season 6

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SG1 encounters the survivors of an alien team on a world. The world seems
peaceful until indigenous aliens attack. SG1 and the alien team gate back to
Earth where Jonas strikes up a friendship with Reynard, one of the aliens who
was injured in the attack. Meanwhile, O'Neill, Sam and Teal'c go back to the
planet to help 'jumpstart' the aliens' ship, where Sam uncovers a dark secret
that could cost SG1 their very lives.

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More info:

SG-1 arrive on a planet where they find the Seberus, a ship that crashed there several years earlier, and what remains of her human crew. The ship is damaged and the captain, Corso, says they don't have enough power to get off the ground even if they can make the repairs. All he and his crew want is to get off of the planet and return to thir homeworld, Hebridan.
Suddenly, non-human aliens attack and the first officer, Tanis Reynard, is wounded. SG-1 take the trio back to the SGC so Reynard can get medical attention. While Jonas stays back at the SGC and gets flirted with by the pretty Reynard (who seems very interested in a bunch of gold artifacts Jonas is cataloging), O'Neill, Teal'c, Carter, Corso and Pender head back to the planet. O'Neill, Teal'c and Pender stand guard while Carter and Corso fix the ship (and Corso flirts with Carter).

As events play out, it turns out that the trio may not be the rightful owners of the crashed ship ...

for more info look at:

(quote came from above website)
6.16 "Forsaken"

Reprinted with permission of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sg1_spoilme/


" SG1 encounters the survivors of an alien team on a world.
The world seems peaceful until indigenous aliens attack. SG1 and
the alien team gate back to Earth where Jonas strikes up a friendship with Reynard, one of the aliens who was injured in the attack. Meanwhile, O'Neill, Sam and Teal'c go back to the planet to help 'jumpstart' the aliens' ship, where Sam uncovers a dark secret that could cost SG1 their very lives.
Guest characters include Corso, Reynard, Pender, and Crewman - he's probably expendable, like a red shirt;)
Just what is the secret - if know what 'Zanti' is, you'll have
a good idea what the problem is."

I have put these two threads together (the one that Arc Angel and Penguin started) and made it sticky!

Thanks tot he both of you for keeping us up to date with all that is going on! :D
This ep is showing tonight in the UK at 8:00 on Sky One, don't miss it! :D
I hope this one is going to be better than last weeks, which was rather disappointing
It was dissapointing.

The standard Stargate plot.

Go to new world meet aliens who need help, Super Sam fixes alien ship with naq reactor. Oniel mistrusts as always. Something doesnt feel right turns out the good guys are bad and vice versa. An SG1 memeber gets a zat to the head. Clever little plot twist at the end allows SG1 to win.

We have been here 10 times already. When are they going to give us something new?

Also they let the Good alien leave lol a species who helped humans defeat the Gou`aold, Way to go SG1 :)

I've only seen the first couple of minutes so far (slow net connection), but I was really happy to see Martin Cummins, AKA Ames White from Dark Angel. When the show was canned, I was afraid I'd never see him again, but, well, there you go :D .
I was once again disappointed.

Okay, the planet looked really nice and I did like Carter's joke in the beginning where she lets Jack see through that telescope-thingy. That was funny but I think the story was quite disappointing. Sorry!:(

Greetz, Falcon Horus
Well i liked this ep. Ok, so it wasn't hard to figure out what was going on, but i thought it was done nicely, if a little obviously. Plus the captain guy was cute :D Doesn't take much to please me, y'all know that lol. I missed the little Sam/Jack interaction at the beginning because my dad was complaining that he couldn't watch the footie now :D anyone wanna tell me what was said?

Five-Minute "Forsaken" with due credits to Terry Franchetti of the Sg-Tauri List.

Bloody awful senseless episode. Couldn't resist this one guys........

Sam: Look! I've pointed this telescope at the Nebula!
Jack: (looks through) I can't see anything
Sam: It's daylight doofus! Of course you can't see!
Jack: Well how did you point it the right way then?
Sam: Err...
Jack: And even if it was, doesn't this planet rotate? So in five or six hours won't you need to point the telescope in another direction.

Sam: Err...

Jonas: Look! A Spaceship!
Teal'c: Are not the odds astronomically unlikely that it would crash so close to the Stargate and just when we happen to be here?

Plot Gods: BOO!
Jonas: (whispers) Teal'c, you're not supposed to notice things like that!
Teal'c: Surely a crashed ship would be in pieces? Or at least have made a large crater? Or started a fire in the immediate vicinity?

Plot Gods: BOO!
Jonas: Don't make me come over there!

Jack: Cool, a ship. Notice how relaxed I am about the possibility of aliens turning up?
Sam: At least it's not a Goa'uld ship sir.
Jonas: Or even worse Tok'ra
Teal'c: Heh, heh, heh. Alright, give me five minutes and then it's my turn to set him off again.

Captain: Alright guys the reasonable thing to assume is that more prison guards from homeworld have turned up so we're going to walk out and pretend to be guards too.

Celtic Girl: Dibs on the cute one.
Captain: No way! I'm having the blonde.
Celtic Girl: That's right, if I don't want you, I must be gay.
Celtic Guy: What about me? Who do I get?
Captain: No-one, but you can at shoot people later.

Captain: Hi guys, lets all point our guns at each other so the audience can see our guns.
Teal'c: And they can admire my physique.
Jack: Love yourself later Teal'c
Teal'c: (opens mouth)
Jonas: (quickly) Don't go there with a literal interpretation Teal'c. In fact keep quiet for the rest of the show.

Captain: So help us fix the ship and remember now, nobody should ask why we know so little about our own ship.
Sam: Sounds good to me. How about some awkward flirting while I get it started?
Captain: As long as you don't mind me throwing in some double-entendres. And while we're at it let's start with that 'get it started' crack.

Sam: (sigh) It would almost be worth sleeping with him just to get the Plot Gods to kill him off later.
Plot Gods: And we'll get rid of every guy who isn't Jack sister. Just remember that.

Reptile Guy1: Okay, you've got a gun that can rapid-fire so single shots and space them out yeah?
Reptile Guy2: And this will guarantee my survival even though it didn't work for the rest of the guards?
Reptile Guy1: Oh sure.

Jack: Wow, we're being shot at. I'd better try to wound him with a rapid burst of bullets.
Reptile Guy2: AAARGH!
Jack: Or I suppose I could have used a zat gun.
Reptile Guy1: They're using an annoying sound, I'd better run before they ramp up to Olivia Newton John records or even (gulp) The Bay City Rollers!

Jonas: I'm going to have to take you to a hospital.
Celtic Girl2: Is this a flimsy excuse to get yourself a good sub-plot?
Jonas: HA! The Plot Gods never give me a GOOD sub-plot
Plot Gods: And we never will you (heavenly music) Daniel (end heavenly music) usurper!

Reptile Guy1: Okay, I'm taking your dog-tag. This is to show the audience how much I care about my fallen comrades.
Reptile Guy2: Yeah? And it's got nothing to do with your kleptomania?
Jack: (leaps out) Y'know, now would be a good time to tell your side of the story.
Reptile Guy1: I can't, I'm suddenly shy.
Plot Gods: Move it along people, nothing to dwell on here.
Jack: Don't you think you'd hit him if you actually pulled the trigger instead of shouting ZAP!
Celtic Guy2: This thing has a trigger? COOL! Now I can lay waste to this sucker.
Jack: Not with an aim THAT bad.

Sam: So now I've got the ship going I'll accidentally start the log, miraculously finding the last log entry.
Plot Gods: Move it along people, nothing to dwell on here.

Jonas: So the Goa'uld have lots of gold because Goa'uld and gold sound alike see?
Celtic Girl: Hey, I come from a technologically advanced society, you'd think I'd know that rare metals and technology from other worlds would have a higher value back home.

Jonas: But you're smitten with the gold right?
Celtic Girl: Oh sure.
Plot Gods: Move it along people, nothing to dwell on here.

Captain: So we're all back together again.
Celtic Guy: I couldn't hit a barn if I was in it so I came back empty-handed
Celtic Girl: So Jack and Teal'c have a chance to find the truth from Reptile Guy1?
Celtic Guy: Naaah, what are the odds?
Celtic Girl: Well I got a plan. Let's abandon this now-working ship and go to where there's lots of gold.
Captain: Well we come from a technologically advanced...
Celtic Girl: I already did that part.
Captain: Sounds like a plan, let's go.

Captain: Wow, we've arrived at SGC. We're so overawed we'd better surrender and not say... threaten our hostage and get out of here.

Plot Gods: Move it along people, nothing to dwell on here.

The End.
Thankee kindly........I know I have not been present a lot over the last few months, real life issues get in the way. However I do try to visit and post when I can. Hopefully I can post some of my usual rants a bit more over the next few months.

I should point out to you that I did not write the parody. Terry Franchetti is the writer and should be credited with the talent!

:D :D
i enjoyed it. fun to see marting cummings, i remember him from poltergeist.

yes, the 'wrong aliens have control of the ship' is trite, i'll give ya that one.

I do like how trust comes into play a lot. Hammond trusted jonas' idea on tricking tanis. and i like the idea that, yes, there are aliens out there that can co-exist with humans and not enslave them or kill them off or use them for food.

And, potentially, earth could have made the starts of an alliance. These Ciraken are advanced, and they do sort of owe sg-1 one. they could come in handy some day


Okay this ep did have a very pradictable plot. It reminded me of Star Trek: Voyager's Nemesis. Goes to show you can't trust the humans alikes all the time!

Though aside from this I thought it was a nice ep a nice standard ep that didn't try to resolve any past plot lines, as that's what's Season 6 has all been about recently.

Anyway for any shippers out there this ep is fast becoming a favourite on the samandjack list. Because:

Jack singing a certain line at the begining, that went something like 'and she loves me too'. Him delibratly looking into the telescope to make Sam laugh. (It's either that or believe that the writers didn't keep the continuaity of Jack being an ameture astromenter.) Plus the touch on the arm, but he does that anyway.

Then there was that slimy capatiain (Who I think is slimy not becasue he hit on Sam, but because I got a bad first impression off him.) He asked if there was anyone back home and she replied with 'not anyone I want to talk about' or soemthing like that. Which means there is someone!! :) (I can project ship! (Plus it is rather convinceing.))

Anyway after all that we have Jonas getting the Bad Girl again as it were. Can't blame them he is cute. His trick was a cunning one too I liked that, plus Jack trusting him and actually getting what Jonas was trying to say. Also the look on Jack's face at the end when Jonas says he never trusts a girl that kisses on the first date is priceless! :)

Also Jack calling Teal'c 'T' when did that start? But it shows they are getting closer. Teal'c has relaxed so much this season I am very glad of as it was about time he smiled more in my opinion.

Anyway my thoughts on what I thought was a re-used plot done in a way that didn't make it feel re-used (as such). A nice refreshing change before we have to remember what happened several seasons ago. (Which is so not a bad thing! As otherwise Gate would have gone the same way Voyager went for me if they didn't tie up old plots they way they ahve been doing.)

Anyway sorry for the rant, havn't been in the best of moods today. Sorry if it shows in post.

Elisa :lifeup:
thanx for the rant, I wasn't looking forward to this one but now that yo say there's shippyness I am (downloaded it this morning, just waiting for lunch):D
I guessed this was a “just because they look like us doesn’t mean they’re the good-guys, and the non-humans might not be the bad guys†plot straight off. Pretty soon after that I saw the “Prison ship†story coming like a brick wall. I immediately thought “not another Prison ship story!†‘Enterprise’ has yet another “Prison ship†story this season, after a “prison planet†one last season; several were done on ‘Voyager’, and an endless number on the other series of Trek. It is not the first time ‘Stargate SG-1’ has done them. Having said all that, I liked it, and although it had several plot flaws, I enjoyed it.

I think that Anni's parody had the plot covered very well.

I wanted to know why they don't use the MALP anymore. Here they are doing astronomical observations on a planet on which they have done no reconnaissance. If they had sent a MALP first, surely they would have noticed a huge spaceship right next to the Stargate, and not one but two sets of aliens letting off weapons.

If I understood correctly, the Hebrideans come from a planet without a Stargate, and so had no knowledge of it. They were taken there from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland by some Goa'uld, long ago. The Cirakens came along and rescued the Hebrideans from the Goa'uld with their superior technology, and have lived in peaceful co-existence ever since. Now it may be that the Ciraken homeworld also does not possess a Stargate either, but it seemed to me that with their superior technology and starships, it is highly unlikely that they never came across a Stargate on some other world. They do seem to be everywhere!

Which leads on to the point that has been made already. Given the superior technology of the Ciraken, the fact that they beat a Goa'uld, and the fact that they owe SG-1 for saving them, and also that if they don't know about the Gate, the likelyhood is that we will never see them again, WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK FOR SOME GOA'ULD BUSTING TECHNOLOGY?
This wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be, but I liked it though none the less, and when did Jack start calling Teal'c, T ?:D

Changling next week, I can't wait for that one. :D

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