Your favorite character

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Dec 30, 2000
Vote for your favorite character :D Well, you know for who I vote, Markus Alexander. ;) But one of the things I enjoy of Jeremiah is it have great characters with strong stories surronding them.

Krystal :twirl:
Favorite? Hummm.... I don't know who my favorite is. You'd think after a season I'd have picked one by now.

Kurdy kinda tops my list. Sorta. :)
Well, maybe you would pick one in Season 2 (Cross fingers). I hope there is a season 2.

Krystal :p
Yeah, many hoping together can make it come true. :p

Krystal :D
So far, after only two episodes I am going for Markus. He is fascinating, I can't even tell if he really is a good guy or not - as we saw from episode 2, he was hiding a pretty durn big and dangerous secret!
Well, as the season progress you will see more of Markus. :D That is one thing I really like how the characters show different aspects of them as the season progress. Specially we see very interesting things about Kurdy.

Krystal :p
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