krycek's love slave
Dec 4, 2000
ok, i just thought i'd mention this over here, even though i've already mentioned it in the film forum. apparently there is a green lantern movie in the works, and buffy's own nicholas brendon, a.k.a. xander, is in the front running for the part.

also, warner bros. is currently working on a wonder woman script, but they're having to work out some major problems with it.

anyways, just thought you'd like to know:wave:
Which Green Lantern are they going to use for the base?

Never read him as a kid and he is proving elusive to obtain any real history on, partly because there have been three, then, to add confusion to the mix there is the corp.

Having said that for officinados a couple of good links are:
The Unofficial Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern
Good question Ray. I think the only GL Brendon could get away with is the most recent incarnation - Kyle Rayner, but even then I would have deep reservations. I think if they were going to make a GL movie, it should be about Hal Jordan, he may not have been the first (there was the golden age Alan Scott) but he is the most iconic, and his continuing story, becoming the evil Parallax and then the Spectre is a wealth of potential storylines.

Just as long as they don't go with Guy Gardner :rolleyes: