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Nov 18, 2001
Vote for your favorite Witchblade character!!!

Give the reason why you like the character so much!!

If your character is not listed, give a shout!!!

If things get going in this section Witchblade could become a Mini Forum :D
I myself had to vote for Gaberial played by John Hensley.

His character has more mystery behind him than Ian. The references about his name alone is quite intriguing. I can't wait for the true purpose of his character to come out.
i voted for sarah since i was a fan of Mann and Machine and then she has come back to the genre in this great show.

Nottingham is also up their. he is just so mysterous yet no matter what he does you find a since of honor with him.

Gabrial is also high up. In many shows he would be a standard hacker character. In here he so much more the only person sarah can completly trust.

Okay this was a toss up between Gabriel and Ian but I finaly had to go with Gabriel because personally I always thought he was interesting in that while Sara trusts him and goes to him for help into all the mystical and legendary stuff, he still goes and aquires objects for Ian and Irons. That and I liked his relationship with Sara better than hers and Ian's.

ian is just a little to dark for me, irons took care of that, i can't see any growth in his character. as for gaberial there is so much you can do with his character.
me I tend to like the darker characters but I'm just more drawn to Gabriel than I am to Ian *shrugs* maybe it's the ancient knowledge thing
he does have a wealth of knowledge but, now that he has 'merged' with irons and has the mark where will this take his character? evil?
I've been wondering about this myself and am seriously annoyed that they are just going to leave it like that. I mean how would having irons in there effect him? Did Irons actually take over or is Gabriel still there in some capacity?
the way ian "softly" took irons away, he would have sensed that it was not him and sara did kill him in that other dimension. some part of irons must be in him and its has to effect him in some way if its evil we will probably never know since yancy (sara) has a drinking problem so the show will not come back.
Oooh, hard to choose. It was Ian or Gabriel for me...

Choose Ian in the end, I think the mystery of his origins and motivations makes for an interesting relationship with Pezz. Gabriel is, however, a bit of a babe!
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