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Jun 5, 2001
Our schizophrenic anti-hero began his life in 1962 as a Marvel comic book. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby, it told the story of Bruce Banner, a scientist whose exposure to gamma rays from a military bomb test resulted in periodic, uncontrollable transformations into a superhumanly strong but simple-minded and easily-angered giant. Although unsuccessful in its initial run (which lasted only six issues), the character was resurrected in Tales To Astonish, another Marvel Comics title. Here, the character became popular with the comics-reading public, and Tales To Astonish was ultimately transformed into a Hulk-only title re-dubbed The Incredible Hulk. It became a flagship title for Marvel Comics and is still published to this day.

In 1977, the comic book was adapted into one of a series of two-hour Marvel Comics adaptations for CBS (which also included The Amazing Spider Man, Dr. Strange and Captain America) by wrier/producer/director Kenneth Johnson. He deviated from the comic’s origin story by changing Banner’s first name from Bruce to David and making him a doctor trying to discover the reason why certain people develop superhuman strength in situations of extreme emotional stress. Dr. Banner, portrayed by Bill Bixby, was driven in his research by the guilt he felt over having been unable to save his wife from the fiery car crash that caused her death.

What the various television series conveniently forgot was that there were several Hulks:-
Grey Hulk:- Developed naturally only during the night, yet retained a little of Banner's thoughts and memories. It had the intelligence to develop street wise tactics after further meddling by the psychiatrist Leonard "Doc" Samson in an attempt to cure Banner.
Green Hulk:- The simple minded machine of destruction that evolved only when Banner became agitated (as depicted so well in the TV series)
And Professor Hulk:- Another green version, that appeared to be the embodiment of Banner's own conciousness, but was actually created by Samson during the 'cure' attempt.

The career of the Hulk formed a disjointed mish mash of conflicts, not just with bad guys (because he was basically good), but with all the other superheroes in christendom, because he was obviously not good at all. The results of the latter was invariably a draw, no doubt easing a lot of bruised superego's.

One of these conflicts was with The Avengers, a team of Superheroes that Banner set up during a brief lull in Hulking. The shock on their faces must have been entertaining to draw
Hear he's being wound up to smash his way through your films section soon!

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