1.03: Eye of The Beholder


This is Star - my honey!!
Jan 18, 2001
Sheriff Buck calls in a favour from the local judge who is overseeing Caleb's custody hearing, hoping to ensure his favoured status, but he doesn't stop there.

description taken from:- www.scifi.com/americangothic/episodes.html

In this episode we see Sheriff Buck manipulating several people to get what he wants. He 'blackmails' one of the attendants from the hospital in which he sends his wife a mirror which seems to entrance her. Upon seeing the effect the hospital attendant breaks it, with doing this his wife's face becomes deformed. The reason for this is because he wants him to tell the truth about Dr. Matts drinking problem. Very good epsiode with Buck trying his utmost to gain acess of Caleb for himself.

annette :)