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Jun 5, 2001
The founder of the Superhero genre of comic books, predating Batman by months. The first episode appearing in DC publications Action Comics, June 1938, thought he original stories were drawn (and rejected) by the inventors Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933.

Although the comic title did not survive long, the Superman story continued in the American press and as a radio serial upto and through the war, before becoming its own comic from 1952, when Superman was 'reinvented'.

The original Superman was a far cry from the blue dressed lummock of the current film and television portrayals. He was harder and more callous. Prepared to administer his own rough justice, even allowing people to die and suffer without pangs of regret. Nor did he fly in those early strips, merely making prodigious jumps.

It reflected the time period. America was starting to come out of the Great Depression, more than a million families were on the road seeking work and Hitler was drawing the clouds of war over Europe and provided a surreal escape route for youngsters.

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