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Bumping this. I want to download the audio dramas to listen to on my cycle home. I don't want to join Audible, (I hate subscriptions) and i couldn't see anything on the Rebellion Website. Any ideas?
I found Action and Battle Picture then collected 2000AD from '77 to early '80s so a real Pat Mills baby. Copying Hook Jaw, Flesh, Bill Savage and the brilliant Tharg's Future Shocks (including some Alan Moore stuff) in felt tip was part of Saturday morning.
In a couple of weeks 2000AD will be doing a special ‘crossover’ issue, - what if 2000AD and Action/Battle Action had merged in the 80s.

I must get those Judge Dredd audio dramas for the ride home.

2000AD has become my favourite thing again.
Thanks Vince. I joined Libro in the end. I'm not a fan of subscriptions, but it's not Amazon and it does support local book stores. so...

I bought the first 4 Judge Dredd Chronicles audio books in the end. (Stranger Than Truth, Blood Will Tell, The Devils Playground and Double Zero.

1.1 Stranger Than Truth.jpg 1.2 Blood Will Tell.jpg 1.3 The Devils Playground.jpg 1.4 Double Zero.jpg

I've so thoroughly enjoyed returning to MC1 by way of the novels and i am very much looking forward to these.
I've listened to these and they were actually a lot of fun, with a catchy theme and great voice acting. A little short though, so value for money might be an issue if you're only listening to them once, or twice.

Stranger Than Truth: A character from a gumshoe novel series appears to be on a killing spree.
Blood Will Tell: Dredd has to explain his actions in one of his cases.
The Devils Playground: One of the "plain folk" gets caught in a double homicide on the first day of her "Rumspringa".
Double Zero - Dredd and Anderson are looking for a psi freak who might upset a balance of power between the MC's

Each of the four stories were fun, but my favourite was The Devils Playground and i thought that Gemma Wardle put in a great performance as Wendy Plainfolk.

Thanks for putting me onto these Vince. I'll return to MC1 for sure.
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I finished Judge Dredd: Dredd Dominion. It was okay and I did enjoy it, but some bits were a bit silly, even for a comic. Now on to Dreddlocked, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while as one of our members said it was his favourite character.


I also bought the first two case files which I am very much excited to be reading.

Side note, my best friend in France has also started a re-read of the Judge Dredd stories and I cannot wait for a catch up.
I finished D.R. and Quinch, the collected stories on a flight last night. Still very funny after all these year and i laughed out loud a lot. I'll try and go back for a re-read to try and appreciate the artwork a little more as i felt i rushed it, somewhat.

DR and Quinch.jpg

Now on to the Judge Dredd Case Files: Volume 1.
I finished D.R. and Quinch, the collected stories on a flight last night. Still very funny after all these year and i laughed out loud a lot. I'll try and go back for a re-read to try and appreciate the artwork a little more as i felt i rushed it, somewhat.

View attachment 111879

Now on to the Judge Dredd Case Files: Volume 1.
Love the early Dredd. I need to start over again too. I recently reread all the Cabalistic/Absalom stories again. The only thing that comes close to it is early Hellblazer.
The early stories are intesting and reading them as an adult makes me appreciate just how grown up the stories were, even then. As a kid i loved the technology, the humour and the characters. As an adult, i love the setting and the humour.

I think i'm going to get a lot out of a re-read, especially in some of the bigger stories like the Cursed Earth.
Just finisishing volume 1 of the Judge Dredd Case files and it was great to see Maria and Walter the Robot again as i'f forgotten about those guys. (i'm currently onto the last few bonus stories featuring Walter the Robot: Fwiend of Dwedd). The humour is absolutely fantastic and i laugh out loud often. Volume 2 beckons. I believe that this volume swill feature The Cursed Earth, which is when Judge Dredd is catapulted to a genuine hero status for me, so i'm very much looking forward to reading it.

Interesting to see how the Judges were seen as the good guys in these early strips.
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I finished volume 2 of the Judge Dredd Case Files over Christmas. Of course, the Cursed Earth and Judge Caligula were the standout stories. Interesting that there were a few episodes of The Cursed Earth cut due to legal action. They revolved around a certain burger company forcing people to eat their burgers. I’d’ve loved to have been able to have read them as an adult.

I’ll confess that I’m getting more out of these than I am from TV and Movies of today.Amazing how you can squeeze so much story into a nine panel strip. With Star Wars stories in decline, looks like this and Babylon 5 are my two favourite universes.

Books 3, 4 and 5 have been bought And I hope to start them next week.


I hope the cover art gets a little more inspiring over time.
The unedited cursed earth is now available in a separate book.
Finished book three, which was great. Strange how you misremember things. I always thought that the Angel Gang were in Judge Dredd practically from the inception, but they haven't made an appearance yet. I remember Umpty Candy, but it only ran for one issue.

Now onto book 4, which starts with Judge Child.

Some great stories in here. The Angel Gang and Fink Angel, Pirates of the Black Atlantic was interesting as it featured the SovBloc spy, Orloc. Great to see Chopper in Unamerican Graffiti and i'm looking forward to seeing his return as a skysurfer.

Book 5 beckons and it finishes with the Apocalypse War, which is my absolute favourite Dredd story.


I also bought Helltrekkers, which i remember only vaguely, but i remember it as being enjoyable. I also bought some of the Anthology collections in Sleeze N' Ryder, The Creepy Chronicles and two volumes of Tales from the Black Museum.
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So i'm up to the Block Wars (a pre-curser to the Apocalypse War). I want to read it somewhere where i can savour it. Now on to the Hell Trekkers.


It's great so far.

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