6.15: Paradise Lost

'Paradise Lost'?.

Isn't that the subtitle for 'Meridian'? :crying: :crying: :crying:

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The Furlings who we know virtually nothing about, finally makes their appearance.

Really....I had heard that it was likely that we would never get to see them.

It should be a good one if that is true :rolly2:
who were they again? One of the 4 other rases?
Originally posted by skoon
who were they again? One of the 4 other rases?

Yep they sure are..but Im not so sure this is going to happen as I read in a magazine not so long ago with Brad Wright that we are never going to meet them...but it would be good if we do! :D
The 4 races were the Ancients, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox, the Tau'ri were being considered to be the 5th race :D
the spoiler is quoted as being 'the end of a story and the hope for something more'

is bratac in this one? if so, could it be bratac's swan song?

not that i want him to die or anything but in threshold he said he only had a couple of years left
rumor has it . . .

we may get to see Harry Maybourne again in this one,
Originally posted by Arc_Angel
summed up... Mayborne goes off-world, gets Sam's gun, Sam acts like a
b***h throughout the episode until she breaks down, cries on Teal'c
shoulder about Daniel's loss and how she couldn't handle if anything
happened to O'Neill.

Info from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sg1_spoilme/message/2230

More info can be found at, it is explained in more detail:

that's what amanda said at gatecon. she said at one point they were gonna cut out the sam/teal'c scene, but then she told them that she would have played all the rest differently had she known that and fought for it to stay in.

apparently jack and harry are on the other side of a force field (what is it with force fields anyway???) and sam is trying to get them out...and apparently doens't have much luck

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