6.13: Sight Unseen

in that case, have you already gone & voted in my poll in General Discussion "new SG-1 team"?;)
anyone know when it's going to bother airing in BC? I'm getting bored of mini vision...you don't get to see all the little details...though I did notice the Anderson Air:D
well from what i know about ur scheduling it most likely be for a year or two:p :rolly2:
ya I know...actually, I'm surprised we don't have it yet. I think for season 5 we got the first half when the States started getting the second half, so I don't see why we aren't getting the first half of S6 now that the states are getting the second half...:(
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don't get the latin book either!:rolleyes:
The directors of some shows play a game. They do a cameo in with the "extras" actors in the background or they (or maybe it's the photo head or props person) puts a name of a director or producer or writer of the show onto a prop or into one of the "fake" computer screens used in the show. Most of their computer or Internet web pages Daniel uses on the show are all fake. They make them and sometimes put them in to the scene in post production. But they're so clever they hide things in them when they're not under a pressing deadline to finish an episode. I think that is the key. They're not going to do stuff like that unless they have some time to kill between takes and rewrites.

It's stuff you miss unless you're looking for it. The casual viewer of SG will never notice the "Anderson Air" thing, while another will bust out rolling on the floor laughing. I think the latter people are people interested in TV production in some way or another. It's all a state of mind when you're watching.

The "PD" I mentioned was in some season 3 ep in the operating suite set where candles from something Teal'c was doing reflected in the glass as the letters "PD", the director was Peter DeLuise. The book was in Window Of Oppoturnity when the guys are learing the Latin-based language of the ancients.
hmmm, a non-TV related thing but one of the guys who used to work here made the 'eye' of the beaver (part of our old official logo that's printed on all documents, maps etc.) a naughty hand gester...which you wouldn't know unless you went into the actual digital file & zoomed in really really really really close...so the next time you see the beaver logo of Surrey, BC, I'm sure it will make you think...:eek:
ya but lifes more interesting when you find them & think ha ha, I noticed, you didn't get it by me:D
What was interesting about this episode is that the aliens arnt really aliens they have always been here its just that they are out of phase with our reality and its the alien device which allows us to see them