6.12: Unnatural Selection


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Feb 22, 2001
6.12 Unnatural Selection

New thread started!

Only episode chat/spoilers in here please! :rolly2:
according to joe

Unnatural Selection: It's the penultimate battle, Ragnarok, Asgard
versus replicator, for all - or nothing.
hmmm I thought the Asgard had finally got them lego bugs under control in Redemption...is that the right title? The season Finally in S5...oops I mean Revelations, too many R's
Ragnarok is Norse Mythology's equivalent of the Battle of Armageddon.
Hey, It should be startin again on the 10th of January, I'm pretty sure.
The Stargate SG-1 fan who purchased an autographed copy of the script for the next new episode has clued the rest of us in on what to expect from the episode. Here's the report, via SG1_Spoilme (beware of SPOILERS):

"I just happened to receive an autographed copy of the final draft of 'Unnatural Selection.' Due to certain laws I can only give little details of the upcoming episode. So, first, Thor's ship is called the 'Daniel Jackson.' SG-1, as we know from 'Prometheus,' are asked to help defeat the Replicators on the Asgard's homeworld.

"Well, the Replicators have taken human form (remember Reese from 'Menace'), and plan to over take all humans and aliens. They are smarter, can read minds, therefore they know all of SG-1's plans of defeating the Replicators before SG-1 has a chance to do anything. Because they can read SG-1's minds, they can take the most painful memory and use it against them so they will cooperate.

"Basically the episode is based on the whole concept of survival of the fittess; only the strong survive. Also, Thor chose SG-1 to help because he considers their ship inferior technology -- therefore the Replicators will not harm them."

The ebay charity auction for the script (which raised $415 for the Motion Picture Television Fund) also included a small snippet of dialogue from the script itself:

JONAS: You instructed every Replicator out there to come to you?
O'NEILL: I have a theory why you lost the war.
THOR: The command was only given once the trap was set.
JONAS: What was the trap?
THOR: A time dilation device, generating a field radius of point one six light years.
[Name cut off] and Teal'c exchange a look.

"Unnatural Selection" follows up on the events of "Prometheus," the mid-season cliff-hanger, and airs January 10 on The Sci-Fi Channel.

(Thanks to Vickey for the info, and to Skazzit, Tere and Fil!)

This was taken from Gateworld.net
hmm, so it's possible that there's an Aphorecator running around?;)
Well here in the UK we will get to see the episode next week!


And Apophrecator running around? Oh please tell me it couldn't happen. If they bring him back to life I will personally head to Bridge Studios and blow the Stargate production office off the face of the planet.

:eek: :rolleyes: :evil:
Now now. Mustnt say those things now days :p

I'm glad its being shown in the UK next week.
Looks like Im using kazaa again shortly :)
Now now. Mustnt say those things now days :p

Really? Says who? Believe me, as a combat veteran I am on a lot of military lists which are monitored by the authorities and we say a lot worse on those.

Perhaps they'll send someone for me and lock me up as a terrorist! That would be fairly hilarious.

:rolly2: :p :evil:

Look out Bridge Studios!

:evil: :evil: :evil:
Well Anni, if you're a terrorist, could you aim something at the SciFi Channel? They are on my **** list for canceling Farscape. :angryfire
This ep starts in approx 1h38 mins (I'm sad, counting down and all :D)
I'm soooo looking forward to it :D
Yes.....you are sad!

:D :evil: :evil:

Texane, point me in their direction and I'll 'do' 'em for you!

;) :evil: :evil:
Just seen the episode and must say that, a little unfortunately, I was disappointed with it.

Hoping for a stunning conclusion to the two-parter, bringing up a serious new challenge, and the whole thing turned out to be a little bit dull.
A couple of things could have been done in the episode that weren't, but possibly they didn't want to write in something that could span several episodes because they thought this was the last series.
A better conclusion than I imagined for this 2 parter. After the diabolical part 1 this actually made good viewing.

Some cracking lines from Jack were great especaily the

Jack " they didnt go for my name for the ship"
Sam " Sir they are not going to call it the Enterprise"

LOL that took me back to classic Stargate.

The Asgard somehow magically reinforcing thier ship was a bit dull and obvious.

Also the Asgard beaming down the bad guys to the holding cells and the good guys to the cafeteria i mean come on that was so naff!!

Jack inside the temple was very good when the human replicators appeared. Infact the whole episode went a little freaky and had all the tension of an end of season cliff hanger.

Unfortunatly the final solution was a little obvious with the Number 5 being more human than the others and providing the way out for them. Jacks betrayal was consistant and refreshing, did he do the moral thing? did he do what had to be done?

One final point was that the replicators had moved the time device forward to the power of 10, Sam said 1 hour was the same as 4 days. After the first mind meld thing they were out for 38 hours, then it happened again probably a few hours later so add another 38 hours. This roughly works out as 4 days.

Once the time reverse was set wasnt it to the same power of 10?
if so the few seconds or even if it took the replicators 1 hour to fix it only 4 days would pass, not the hundreds of years they first said. Was that right?

So a good finish to a weak 2 parter.

Theres hope yet.

I didn't realise our American cousins hadn't seen this yet, or else I would have made notes. I'll try and do what I can.

Didn't Teal'c mention before that they had saved the Earth four times? This episode is when they get to save two Galaxies! But it isn't Ragnarok!

As suggested already, the Replicators have taken over the Asgard homeworld, and several other Asgard worlds too. They are to travel on the X-303 (what happened to the X-1 to X-302?) because it is so primitive that the Replicators will ignore it.

There is some discussion on what to call the ship:

Sam: "Sir, you can't call it the Enterprise!"

The reporter is returned to the SGC. The NID agents are too, into holding cells, and all the SGC armory and food supplies are beamed up to the X-303. Thor fixes defects on the ship.

Thor forgot some of the supplies would need to be kept frozen, so this leads into a chocolate desert-eating scene, of the kind some of you enjoy :D

They arrive at the second planet the Asgard ever colonised. The Asgard called all the Replicators here, and using the Time Dilation device planned to keep them in permanent slow motion. Only the Replicators altered the device before it activated, and now it works in fast-forward.

They find the planet surface is flat except for one Replicator-like feature. On closer inspection the whole surface of the planet is covered with replicator blocks, which Sam says could be miles thick, except for an underground entrance which for some reason looks like an ancient tunnel.

Down the tunnel they find the device and begin work on it. Now come the spoilers. Four humanoids appear and demand that they stop what they are doing. I found the revelation of who they were quite surprising, but it still didn't make a wonderful episode.

They are actually replicators, but made of blocks at a cellular level (nanites/ nanobots). They have had eons to develop under the faster time. These humanoid replicators were made in the image of their creator (the 'flawed' android). After four of them were produced the corrected the 'flaw' and made number five. Number five is more human and has a raport with Sam (it's OK he doesn't die, just gets used) Number six is created while they are their.

They have the ability to put their hands through our bodies and read our minds. They keep showing Jack his son's death. They get the Gate code from Jack, though he says that it's wrong. They want to see every planet they've been to, so they can colonise them.

They are to us, like we are to animals we hunt for food. They deserve to survive because they are more fit individuals. Hence the 'unatural selection' title.

Number five doesn't like the fact they are hurting SG-1. He complains. The others think he is weak. That's why they went back to the original plan with 6. Sam persuades him to help them escape, by setting the device to slow motion, if they take him with them. They agree. He asks them to promise. They promise. But a combination of circumstances means that he gets left behind. SG-1 leaves with the device working.

They debate whether it was right to use Number Five's humanity against him. Jack says that they did the right thing. The other's don't look so sure.
a quick question -
who were the actors who played first and fifth?

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