6.11: Prometheus


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Jul 6, 2001
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Hey, TPTB mis-heard that the whole re-writing of the premise and characters worked for Earth:Final Conflict season two... there's some idea out there in TV land that you don't need a serious plot and backstory and you don't need anyone but males 18-34 to watch...

Honestly, they just couldn't wait to bring about the X303 in a later year... they didn't think there could be another year after all. But I'd appreciate a little note in the corner "Six Months Later" somewhere at the start of Prometheus so we'd know they've got one foot in reality of how much time is needed to construct a spaceship...
Advancing the Stargate timeline into the future is not a sin, for crying out loud.

Seriously, they should get out of their ivory towers and do adaptations of cannon fan fic stories. I shiver to wonder what the writers do with two geeks on the team offsetting O'Neill's "cool" factor. They can't handle one.


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Jun 18, 2001
:laugh2: :lol: :laugh2: hey RangerOne, you're enlightening summery of the show was more entertaning than the actual show!:D

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Aug 22, 2000
Hehe I kinda went into one there for a moment.

But like I said im a big fan (always have been) and to be treated to that pathetic dire script was an insult to watch.

Several times my TV remote nearly found itself embedded in the TV.

After all the good episodes in the past there are many possable ideas for where to take Stargate. The fact that the fab four have nearly single handed destroyed the Goaould has left things a little well slow and mundane. Last week we had a great twist to a plot and the week before that was a classic with the Tokra and the Jaffa at the Alpha side.

After last night im not looking forward to the next episode. The fact that they are about to "save" the Asgard AGAIN is both predictable and annoying to say the least.

But I live in hope it could be the best episode yet.


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