6.11: Prometheus

Sure is easier when throughout the universe the planets all look like British Columbia :D
well, in "Forever in a day" the bushes were magenta...unless that was my chable going funny...oh & the last time I checked, fir & hemlock & the whole Christmas tree thing ain't unique to BC alone...
question for u guys and girls, does any one know if the Prometheus the Ship has any weapons on it? Or is it another product of the whole 'We are peaceful explorers" bit?:rolly2:
Of course it has weapons. The Asgard want it afterall...it has to have some kick in it. :)
Tho they probably just want it to evacuate the Asgard homeworld or rescue another scientist. Or...send it into hyperspace and BLOW IT UP, just like Sam told them to do to The O'neill. :coolorang
It's probably just a ploy by the Asgard to stop Humans advancing too quickly (more importantly, advancing through the use of Asgard tech). Prometheus will be destroyed in part 2. Or "loaned" to the Asgard indefinetly :evil:

Sorry. Just thinking out loud here.
i hope it survives cause it is a cool looking ship:D, and i dont hope it does have weapons, but i cant see a ship like that sporting missles or a 50 cal. machine gun
Adding spoiler tags :D
"Captain, we're being hailed"

*Anubis appears on the view sceen...does the evil Goa'uld thing...finishes with "you are DOOMED"*

"Fire the 50cal!!!"

*Anubis's ship explodes after the first few rounds hit*
:rolly2: :rolly2:
Forget the Doctors "Photonic Cannon".
Stargate has the 50CAL!!!
and dont forget the big gun the German 88, muhahahahhahaha:rolly2: ;) :D :rolly2:
Of course it has weapons. The Asgard want it afterall...it has to have some kick in it.


Actually, they want it for a completely opposite reason - it's a complete piece of junk.:D Their theory is that the Replicators won't attack a ship that is...less advanced.

Kinda makes you wonder how they see us. :D

aww u ruined or fun:( :(

but seriusly that makes sense, i really never did see them asking for it for any other reason:rolly2:
Ah well... just imagine the little 'Made With Pride In The U.S.A.' sticker on the side. ;)
Made in the US by US steel workers.
Now I fully understand why the Asgard would consider it for that purpose.

No offence to anyone who thinks the US steel industry is good :)
Hey i take offense, well only a little, but i bet u there was more plastic on that ship then steal, and most likely a little kevlar, and 50 other useless materials. i mean hey it was built by the Air Farce;);)(no offense):rolly2:
I seem to remember Sam saying it was built almost entirely out of trinium.

Trimium...Steel...Whats the dif :p

Well ive been a fan since episode1 COTG following the film, I followed the fans from the SG1 web sites all the way to ascifi.com when it was first created by padders (well done that man). Then Stargate although still entertaining started to lose a little of its edge.

But tonight ladies and gentleman the episode PRometheus was complete and utter rubbish.

Talk about going over old "plotlines" from bygone tv series

The plot in itself actually started very good with the cocky reporter threatening to blow the whistle.

The we find out what prometheus is.Ok so we moved in a matter of months if not weeks from the X-302 (which was destroyed) to the monstrous X-303 (even though it rocks and looks great. At first we get our minds around it cos they are still making the dam thing (kinda makes sense) but suddenly we find out the dam thing is operational and can actually fly (for crying out load does NOONE actually proof read the dam scripts.)

Anyway as predicted by Jack (oncue with cute funny line) the TV crew (LOL) when given access to the X-303 turn out to be a specialist ex (peeved off) NID agents working for col Q (i like that name hehe) now they were supposed to be working with the TV company for over a year according to Maj Davis, ok anyone see a problem with this, you dont just go NID special black ops secret service to TV camera man. Also if this was pre-meditated then the x-303 was in over a year in the making which means Col Q would have access anyway.

Well in the takover of the top secret ship (which only has a couple of Airforce cpls guarding it LOL this gets worse by the minute) Sam.. oops I mean Super Sam suspects something wrong (isnt she just great) she heads back and kicks a bit of arse before getting locked in a non descript room. The bad guys who have naturally been able to not only take control of the computer systems but now have full control of it, well im sorry but some things just dont port across in the space of a few minutes. I mean the x-303 may be a new breed of spaceship but its gonna take some work to fully get on top of its systems, you cannot get into it cold. But hey this is Stargate where Mr Jonas Quinn just by reading Dr Jackson notes was able to master a goauld mother ship, its systems and subsystems.

Anyway back to the weak plot...

Typical late reaction by the airforce one peeved off Col Jack with more kick ass lines. Then as if by magic and a bit of Air Force know how (woot this show is great) Sam creates a Transmitter out of a spare frequency radio mixed with sticky back plastic and duct tape oh and a security panel, ( didnt I see that on scrapheap challenge once?)

So they ask her to disable the engines and in a fine A- Team moment Sam does a BA Barrakas and graps a wait for it........

A PLASMA TORCH (WOOOOT) hehe no we are really talking ( I though Jack said we never got an good new technology??)
She cuts through the Trinium or whatever its called by this time Im laughing so much Im ready to turn over to cartoon network.

Anyway we find she will die if they launch into orbit (oh the tension) The hijackers as predicted once having the Col Q and the goaould on board manage to take off.

Stumped on the ground are Col Jack and Maj Davis but wait we still have the glider from the Anubis ship which crashed into the ocean. So Maj Davis who is also an expert on the x-303 (why they must have some fantastic O group meetings, today gents we are going to talk about station admin and the weak points of the x-303) says use the lower docking bay HAR HAR.

So Tealc and Jack arrive and dock while the ships in orbit. But first I must go back to the depressurisation scene with sam. Now I dont for one minute consider Sam to be a bad actor but the scene where she escapes the store room and pretends to walk slow (loss of gravity) to the door was so **** and funny I nearly missed the moment where she actually let out a smile as in "christ this is dumb i look an idiot" well guess what you did. She managed to lock herself behind a flimsy looking door which was also an enviromental seal. She gets caught with her pants down but just when there is no way out Jack and Tealc appear and save the day.

Ok now im ready to give the script writer a good kicking cos this is making me madder by the minute.

Next came the predictable fight with the goaould and Col Q and the end sequence was pretty much obvious. The next fight scene was hilarious. My children in a school play in space could of been more convincing on potraying a "0" gravity enviroment.

Much laughing was heard when that appeared, it was like a cheap and I mean very cheap public access show.

Once the day was saved we came back to where we have been so many times before, Super Sam who can save the world ten times over and master alien technology witha blink of an eye says shes stumped. Im sure she does it on purpose like scotty in star trek, "she canny takne more ovit cappen" but if i just create a time loop tachion pulse emitter charge I can then boil the kettle which will produce enough steam to get the ship out of danger"

Again as if by magic Im sure we all knew what was about to happen.

The Asgard appear (YAY) so ok there excuse was plausable (the must of changed writer) but then we got..

we have need of you and your ship the Asguard world is overun with replicators (we kinda knew he was gonna say that) what he should of said is

We have need of you and your semi built yet somehow fully operational intersteller spaceship.

Next week I bet Sam creates a huge photon cannon cures Asgard cloning technology destroys the replicators but cannot send a txt message on Jonas new nokia.

That is if im still watching... MGM get a knew screen writer and proof read the dam thing.

Your not dealing with trekkies here, we wont accept this kinda **** we want good storys that are plausible and fit in with the shows current technological climate.

Ok sorry i went into a deep rant but that was the most pathetic episode I ever saw out of 6 seasons, and these guys want to go to series 7. Well good luck.


Good thread, you've covered every thing from Jonas bashing to pulp science fiction.

The cliffhanger didn't have anything to do with the rest of the story, but I'm glad that the did an episode that was complete in itself. I think to stretch this one out to two wouldn't have worked.

On the subject of death in space, we had this discussion before here, and I actually found a scientific description on a website, with quotes from a NASA astronaunt who had nearly been the first one. (The posts are in a thread in 'Total Recall' because of that dream sequence at the beginning when Arnie takes off his helmet.) http://www.ascifi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=3057

No one has criticised this for being another 'conspiracy' episode. I never had a problem with these as a rule, but I had a few with this one:

Carter doing the whole McGuyver thing on the radio components, then putting her evening classes in Welding to good use, and when did she become a lethal weapon?

I also think Davis should have called their bluff regarding the hanger doors. These people obviously had an agenda that was not terrorism. They wanted that ship badly, they would have negotiated more, and they just wouldn't have blown it up. Once the time limit had expired, Davis would have been in a strong negotiating position. And Simmons is a coward... he would never have allowed it to be blown up.

Major Davis says that all the checks were done on the camera crew. That's reassuring... these must be the people who check for hijackers at airports. I think you would need some advanced and specialised training to fly a hyperdrive spacecraft (just a guess as I've not met one!) A quick check on all the hyperdrive flight schools should do the trick. Or just a check if they were ever part of the NID.

When they first entered that lift, it bugged me where the camera crew were. I thought that it was odd that there was only the producer and reporter alone. Now I realise... the camera crew were still packing up their weapons. Major Davis should get that X-Ray screening equipment checked too.

So, it ends with them lost in space, millions of miles from home, with a crew who were enemies... no that's another show... or was it another season cliffhanger.

2 air force officers, 3 aliens and a reporter... on a mission to save another world. Again, it's interesting, but it's not 'Stargate'. We already have plenty of sci-fi shows like this, we don't need 'Stargate' to be another one just the same.

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