6.11: Prometheus

Prometheus: National security is compromised in a BIG way as not one
but two villains make a return visit.

mmmhm. who comes back? it's not osiris from what i've heard.

any speculation?
well, haven't seen any S6 yet but, Tanith? Nirti?
New info

Some of SG-1's old enemies are up to no good in the mid-season two-parter! New info on part one, "Prometheus," is now available courtesy of The Sci-Fi Channel. Watch for minor SPOILERS below!

SciFi.com describes the episode this way: "O'Neill's old nemeses Adrian Conrad and Colonel Simmons steal the classified interstellar ship X-303."

The October issue of Sci-Fi Magazine is now available, and includes this bit of info on the episode: "John de Lancie returns to stir up mischief as Col. Frank Simmons. Look for Thor to make an appearance and complicate matters."

"Prometheus" will air on Friday, August 23 in the U.S. as a mid-season cliffhanger, with part two ("Unnatural Selection") airing in 2003 (January, most likely). It was previously titled "X-303, Part 1."

Quote taken from this website:
Can someone please post a summary after they see this eppie? thankies!:D
here you go lisa
but it's a really long summary <G>
so much happened


Scenes from desp measures, giving history on Conrad and his snakelets
Him hooking up with colonel q,

To earth, Colorado I would guess even though it looks a lot like Vancouver. Sam is walking to her car a new car, not her Volvo. A reporter, looking for info on a secret project called Prometheus, approaches her. The reporter has a sample of trinium, and she knows it's trinium. Sam refuses to comment.


Sam is telling Hammond about the reporter. Hammond said she did the right thing, the official line is to deny anything. Sam thinks it's too late. Ms. Donovan is headed back to DC, cutie pie is sent off to rendezvous with her.

She's in a limo, talking on the phone. Cutie pie shows up. He tells her not to run the story, it's endangering peoples' lives. Her reports are that it's a fusion reactor. He wants to know who told her. That her source is violating about 17 major laws. She basically blows him off. He leaves.

Cutie pie is taking to hammy, telling him that she's stubborn. The leak could be anyone from a tech to senator Kinsey. Hammy calls the prez

At a meeting
Sam and cutie pie are there to talk to the reporter. The head office of the network decides to pull the story. Sam and cutie pie are there to get all her info. The reporter threatens to call some friends.
The producer says…let my reporter come in, we'll keep it secret. Sam says no deal. The reporter says even the air force can keep the tapes.

The want to let the reporter in, then destroy all the evidence once they know who the source is. Basically double-cross her. Jack hates the idea. Sam and Jonas are told to cooperate and handle it.

Desert place
The reporter and her producer show up to give the tour. There's just this little red shack in the middle of nowhere. They go in, there's an elevator going down. They're going down several hundred feet.
They walk out to see Prometheus, the X303, a big honkin ship. (The one from nightwalkers?)

Back in the hanger
Donovan thinks it's a joke, that we can't fly it
Little green men help us build this?
Actually they're gray
It's build from reverse engineering a ship that crashed off Alaska's coast in 1978, took them this long to reverse engineer it
Ship can reach orbit in less than 30 seconds
It has inertial dampeners, still not totally complete, really bare bones

Another part of the ship, we see the camera crew, they got zats in their cameras. They zat the guards. D'oh.

Sam and co are in the engine room. They look down on this really cool engine.
The ship can go 110,000 Miles per second at sub light

Other part of the ship, the bad guys are dragging off the guards, hooking a lappy up to the control systems.

Engine room
Sam sees that something's wrong. Someone is getting into the computer. She calls up to the bridge. She can't raise anyone, tells Jonas to keep an eye on Donovan and producer.

The baddies are going to go get the others.

Two baddies meet up with Sam, she whacks them, a third shoots his Zat at her

Engine room
Jonas sees a display; someone is trying to lock down the ship.

Sam is still running…dead end. She locks herself in

The baddies seal the room that she's in.

Engine room
Jonas runs a full diagnostic and pulls the control crystal

Sam is locked in the room

The baddies round up Jonas and the others. They need to stop Jonas' diagnostic; it's keeping them from locking down the ship

The producer gives up the control crystal…the idiot.

In the storeroom I think Sam's headed for a macgyver moment, she's looking through all the junk that's there. Still got her bracelet on BTW.

They get the diagnostic stopped. The baddies are activating the hyper drive generators. They're going to create an overload, bad enough to cream all of Nevada. They're going to hold the ship, Donovan, weasel and Sam hostage until their demands are met.

(Note: the producer is now known as weasel for giving them up <G>)


A truck, men with guns, command center…I think the SGC knows something's wrong
Jack arrives, he's…really, really, really not happy
Really not happy…. yelling and screaming
The plan's been in place over a year, all the baddies passed a background check
They're gonna exchange not blowing up Nevada for colonel q and Conrad

Sam's still playing her macgyver. Made a radio.

Cutie pie is on the phone. The joint chiefs are calling an emergency meeting. Sam gets through. She tells them that the crew had a Zat.
Jack asks will it fly, Sam says yes. Davis wants her to ground the ship. Those controls are a level up. Sam says she'll try. She's got less than 3 hours to cut her way out of the room with a plasma torch. 3 hours before the shop goes boom

Engine room
Weasel is a traitor. He's getting paid, a lot. They don't want to get off the ship. I think Conrad's snakelets wanna go home to daddy

A truck
Colonel q is being brought to the site. Davis tells them that they want him and Conrad. Davis knows that they made a deal, Davis tells colonel q to tell them or he'll take him back to the cell.
Colonel q says I'm gonna go on the ship, and I need a change of clothes.

Engine room
Someone's been messing with the engines. The baddies try to get the info from Jonas. He says no. Weasel has no stomach for bloodshed. The infamous 'I was told no one would get hurt'…color me surprised, the baddies shoot him. <G>
Jonas agrees to undo what he did.

Teal'c brought Conrad. He's uncharacteristically silent for a goa'uld. They're approaching deadline, Sam's still in the room.

Engine room
Jonas has fixed what he did. Jonas can't help them with the hyper drive. But Conrad can, who just shows up.

Colonel q has been in on it all along.

They release docking clamps; they're preparing to take off.

Deck 7, where Sam is, isn't pressurized. If she can't get out of the room and off that deck by the time they reach orbit, Sam's toast.


Colonel q tells Davis to retract the roof. Davis stalls. They have 30 seconds or they'll blow the hyper drive

Sam's through, bad helmet hair "****" says Sam. She hears them power up the engines
They retract the roof. All the guys at the surface just watch the ship take off

Sam's trying to get off level 7, windy as they lose pressure. Annnnndddddd……she makes it into the ladder shaft.

They boys are looking for a way up. They still have the gliders from Anubis. Teal'c' looks totally hot in sunglasses by the way.

Julie Donovan asks about the aliens. Colonel q comes to gloat. Donovan finds out that Jonas is an alien. Simmons is confident that he can control Conrad. Yep, seen that before. Colonel q doesn't care about Sam.

Access tubes.
Sam is crawling through. Crossing wires.

Jack and Teal'c are flying up in their glider.

They find out that sub light engines are off line. Apparently Sam did it. Colonel q knows that it's Sam. Sends the baddies after her. They're trapped in orbit. He calls Conrad who gloats about the crude design. 'Spare me the supervillian riff'


The baddies find Sam and are ready to shoot her….and jack and Teal'c show up just in the nick of time

They want to open up a window from low orbit.

Our guys walking.

Engine room
They go into hyperspace. Hate when that happens


The ship is in hyperspace
Jack, Sam, Teal'c going through the corridors. Sam can't shut down the drive, the puter's been reprogrammed and she doesn’t have the codes.

Conrad shows up. Kills Q's chick. Him and Q fight. Simmons kills Conrad, three shots point blank.

The guys get to the bridge. Find the chick still alive. Conrad is toast according to jack.
She tells them that the prisoners are in the supply room on deck 4. Jack tells Sam to keep an eye on the bridge.

Colonel q gets at Teal'c, tossing him against the wall. Hits jack, KO's him. Teal'c and Q fight (q has been goaulded by the way)
Colonel q goes after Teal'c with a big honkin wrench. Jack knocks him away. Opens the airlock and colonel q goes flying out. Jack keeps Teal'c from going flying. Nice 'you saved my life O'Neill' look

Now we got everyone released. They've arrived, but there should be a planet here. Back when Maybourne was running things, they found a planet with the language of the ancients on it. It also had a huge cache of weapons and stuff. They were trying to get to it.

A bit later
Sam says they're 1200 light years from home. She doesn't know how to get home, if she doesn’t know where they are, she can't plot a course.
They're sitting on the bridge…and an Asgard ship pops up. It's Thor. He owes sg-1 s debt for saving him. But…there always has to be a but….the Asgard home world has been overrun and they need earth's help

Dadadat's all folks!

Slight recap, Conrad is dead, colonel q is dead, Sam, jack, Teal'c, Jonas are stuck on a ship, only half of which works with a few traitors and a reporter, 1200 light years from home and apparently headed off to take on the reps.
skydiver should be around in a bit w/ a summary - she's really good at them ---

I saw the ep - and must say - blah blah blah -- can we *please* get a new storyline/cliffhanger? I'm so tired of "Uh, sir, sorry to say this, but I have *no* idea where we are..."

No more SG-1 getting 'lost in space' then needing Asgard or other alien help to get them out -

Aside from the large amount of Major Davis screentime - I was bored -- not a lot of action, and the plot was the same recycled stuff we've had before - blah blah blah -

Though, I will say, the X-303 is pretty cool --- very Asgard looking -- ;)
Originally posted by Highlander II
Though, I will say, the X-303 is pretty cool --- very Asgard looking
But it shows none of the "normal" progress that engeneering projects would take. I mean, you go from a tiny glider copy to a honking cruiser? Puleasz.

And I'll just hold back my skepticism on the whole depressure thing, but it IS a grand way to get rid of a bad guy.

I wonder if that was Thors ship converted or something... Man I hope they don't to save the Asgard by having to destroy there X-303 like they did the O'neal to save the Asgard
Destroying the X-303 is exactly what they're going to do! I'm pretty sure of that. I thought it was a lame episode. If I'm right about the ending then it will be an even more stupid epi. Let's just hope that I am wrong and we can all be happy!!

Falcon Horus ;)
personally, i don't think so. i think the ship is going to be around for a while, and might even show up in 'atlantis' (maybe the ship will get named that)
Sounds like a cool eppie, I've already started to download it.

In the storeroom I think Sam's headed for a macgyver moment, she's looking through all the junk that's there. Still got her bracelet on BTW.

What's all that about a bracelet?
I missed the last minute of the show (my tape ran out of tape). So, I was glad to read a recap here of what happened. It was an interesting episode. Although, we've had quite a few eps this season where the show is based on Earth. I think it was a bit too much. I prefer more gate travel. And what ever happened to the eps where they go to a planet and find a primitive race of people and help them out in some way. We haven't seen an ep like that in a long time. Anyway, back to this ep....I did think that the ship was very cool looking. It was not like your typical alien space craft. :alienooh:
when AT was overseas, they did a uso show and a member of a squad participating in enduring freedom gave her a bracelet, it's the tie from the pantsleg of a pair of fatigues with a button on it. the tradition is to wear it until the unit comes home. so she said she would.
she then went back to the show and to the wardrobe department and told them that sam was wearing the bracelet...end of discussion.

i believe there is a story on it at www.amandatapping.com
Hey by the looks of this episode it could be the next Star Trek chapter.

Star Trek: X303
SciFi reports that the summer finale ("Prometheus") which aired on August 3rd earned a 2 Nielsen Media Research rating, a record for a Scifi original series. Since its debut, the show has averaged a 1.7 rating, a 42 % improvement over the previous time-period performance, according to SCIFI. [Source: B&C]

from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sg1_spoilme
Just posted: Also:


'Stargate' Levitates for Sci Fi
Tue Aug 27, 4:10 AM ET
By John Dempsey

NEW YORK (Variety) - The Sci Fi Channel's "Stargate SG-1" is averaging
the best series ratings in the history of the network and stabilizing
its Friday-night lineup of original series.

Sci Fi has scheduled original episodes of "Stargate" Fridays at 9 p.m.
since June 7, following the network's purchase of the rights after the
series had completed a five-year run on Showtime.

For the 10 episodes through Aug. 18, "Stargate" has averaged 1.32
million households, making it the seventh highest-rated scripted
series in all of basic cable. The Richard Dean Anderson starrer does
even better in adults 18-49, averaging 1.063 million, good for fifth
place overall.

And last Friday the summer finale of "Stargate" harvested 1.588
million homes, or a 2.0 rating, the best household performance for a
one-hour episode of a series in Sci Fi's history.

With repeats of USA Network's "The Dead Zone" Friday at 8 and the
original series "Farscape" at 10, "Stargate" has become Sci Fi's
tentpole for the night. "Farscape" is averaging only 958,000
households (a 1.2 rating) for the same 10 weeks, but its adults 18-49
number is a gaudy 913,000.

Shot in Vancouver, the f/x-dependent "Stargate" costs producer MGM a
strapping $1.3 million an hour to make. The series goes into rerun on
Sci Fi until January, when another 11 original episodes will be
available for scheduling.

-thanks to simon for the tip

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sg1_spoilme/
I was very pleased to see that in this ep as in the previous one, the writers are finding some use for Jonas -- and not just as filler. Jonas was able to make a significant contribution and garner some much needed screen time.

Sadly, though, I'm still waiting for the rest of Jonas' character with a background to appear. I still have no idea of what his life was like before the SGC, nor if he misses family and friends back on Callona. Those details would do a lot to give him some depth.

Well, we now wait until January for the rest of S6. I trust the "Lost In Space" motif will be short-lived and the show will get back to the plotlines that make it unique.

Hope springs eternal :)

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