6.08: The Other Guys

I laughed so long and so hard at this episode. I have to say I don't think the trek references were too overdone. In fact I didn't even connect the name "John Billingsley" in the credits with Dr Phlox until afterwards, duhhhhh. The "I don't know how you can call yourself a scientist and not worship at the font of Roddenberry" bit is even funnier since I realised that. And btw Dave - I think his assertion that all scientists must be huge trek fans was only really applicable to himself - as the other two weren't fans, apparently.
The redshirts bit really made me laff - if you were ever in that kinda position, isn't that what you would say

Sam's crack to Jonas about this experience being new really fell flat for me. I just thought *groan* surely there would be something more appropriate to say in a situation like that. Although, at that point we didn't know that they had been caught on purpose, so maybe it is more apt than I thought.

It never really occurred to me until I read this thread that the ENTIRE story might be a dream - I assumed that it was just the medals and kiss :D
But, you guys brought up a good point there - it did seem a bit too easy for the geeks to wander through that ship.

One thing that did tick me off, as some of you have already touched upon in this thread is that another (gorgeous) Tok'ra bites the dust.

I reckon that we should get some of our favourite characters back by some kind of messing about with the Quantum mirror from TBFTGOG. After all, the writers did want to bring JR Bourne back for another ep in S6. Maybe we could really have him (and Kawalsky anyone) back for the final season.
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I can't believe I got that one, very funny (if not a bit sad ;) )
Oh it's not that sad really.

Err, I hope... :D
they do this don't they - the SG writers, they like to do a show which is really just for for fun at least once in a season, and I love it.

I don't think every ep has to be deep and meaningful, we get shed loads of those so its cool to just sit back and enjoy the ride. You kind of get the impression they write ones like this for themselves and the fans, just so we can all enjoy the 'in' jokes - they have to know a big percentage of the SG fans are also into Star Trek and being a big trek fan myself I also loved the trek references - the red shirt thing was a classic. Plus, Coombs getting v.stroppy with Felger 'I don't know how you can call yourself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry' (or words to that effect) :rolly2:
Found this to be a funny episode. Good to see Dr. Phlox in a different environment. Enjoyed the ST euphamisms. Made me laugh. :lol: Why do the SG writers come up with these sort of episodes tho???? Are they running out of ideas?????? God help us in Season 7.

annette :D
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I think my eyes would drop out in shock if they used duct tape on the episode!
One of the scientists DOES carry a roll of yellow tape around on the back of his utility belt...
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Has SG-1 really saved the Earth 8 times as Teal'c corrects?
I was going to ask the same thing, but was actually making it higher! ;) But, have I missed some, and are all the following planet threatening???

Hathor - return to Goa'uld domination under Hathor
Singularity - Nirrti's Stargate bomb in Cassandra
Grasp/Lair - Apophis hat'ak attack
Matter of Time - Blackhole through Stargate
Show and Tell - Reetou infiltration squads
Foothold - Foothold situation
Small Victories - Replicator attack
2010/2001 - Aschen interference
Fail Safe - Asteroid impact
Menace - Replicator attack (Reese)
Redemption 1+2 - Anubis' Stargate weapon
yeah theres one quote in this that really cracked me up

"You ended that sentence with a proposition, you b*****d"

lol :D

Oh, man! This episode is an absolute classic! As a Trek Obsessive myself, the Trek jokes and the bonus of John Billingsley resonated very well with me!

If you think just watching the episode was funny, you should hear the DVD commentary! I forget all the people who were on it, but I do remember Chris Judge was there and BELIEVE ME, this episode cracked him up BIG TIME! During one of my favourite scenes in the episode, the moment where Felger and Coombs ring-up to the Ha'Tak and Felger shoots blindly around the room, Chris Judge was in hysterics! Evidently, he'd never seen that bit before! (if any of you have ever heard Chris laugh, you'll know that that alone will crack you up!).