6.08: The Other Guys

My favorite quote from this episode....

Jack: "Carter, honestly, what did you think of the resume gag?"
(Jonas, Sam, and Teal'C look at each other)
Teal'C: "Needs work O'Neill."
Excellent episode, as all of you have mention it have great quotes. My favorite parts of the episode definitely have to be when the two scientist get to SG1 jail and Jack tells them that they're in a mission and they left themselves been capture as part of the plan. Love it! Also enjoy Jack's conversations with the Jaffa in charge. Totally enjoy that also. :D

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This episode had some really great lines, however, can't say it hits the favorites list for me -

I mean, hasn't this scenario been done to death? It really wasn't that funny to me. Goofy scientist guys (so stereotypical they almost made me wanna run away) who just happen to come to the rescue and just happen to be able to pull it off tho no one believes they have the common sense or ingenuity to do it? Please. Every other show on the planet has done it. Come on - can't they come up w/ something new?

It's like if they were to write an episode of Buffy and just by some lucky chance Dawn wisks in on a Schwinn and saves the day - it's just too easy.

Twists? Yeah - there were some (and I think Dick Wolf might wanna take a look for the next season of L&O - ugh - this past season was a sleeper) -- but it just wasn't 'enough' for me to like the episode. Catchy one-liners just can't carry a show. I didn't think there was enough plot - the bumbling scientists kept getting in the way of the story - it was more annoying than funny.

I'm gonna go back to the book I was reading and wait for the next episode...
Goofy as it was I did enjoy this ep. Casting John Billingsley and putting in the Star Trek refs was great (so which came first -- the casting or the lines?) Notice the batleth hanging behind Khonsu? Wonder where he picked that up from.

Oh, there I go ending a sentence with a preposition, a grammatical error up with which I should not put :D

Best transition for me was from the cockiness of SG1 when they thought they knew what was going down to the looks after being told that Khonsu was dead. Even a good solid look of panic from JQ -- hope for the lad yet.
this was throughly enjoyable for me. i dunno, i almost felt folks were rolling on the ground laughing as they taped it.
I agree about the one liners! I laughed my butt off during this episode! It was a different type of episode and I found it very refreshing. :D
Hilarious yes, but I do worry that we are running out of Tok'ra.

With all the speculation about a possible S7, the writers had better leave some races and particular characters around or it will be a very sparce show :D
With all the speculation about a possible S7, the writers had better leave some races and particular characters around or it will be a very sparce show


that could be the one downside of a season 7. to the best of my knowledge all but the last 4 eps are written/scripted/plotted...which would leave them the last 4 to decide how to set up a potential season 7.

then again, last year they didn't know they'd get a season 6 until late in the year as well.

time will tell
Well, instead of killing off characters, perhaps the writers should hedge their bets if S7 is even being contemplated. Retirements? Quests? Long-term assignments to off-world missions?

I've begun to realize how few series have an actual story arc that runs through the season, much less through the run of the entire series. I asked a friend who wrote for STNG if the writers had figured out the second part of "Best of Both Worlds" when the cliff-hanger of part one had been shot. The startling answer was "no, not a clue."

The previous ep "Shadow Play" was put in an odd place in the series, considering that JQ is offered a full pardon from his home planet. But we know he can't accept, because (if for no other reason) he still has the remaining eps of S6 to complete. "Shadow Play" would have fit better later, when we might actually believe JQ could consider a return to Calonna (if any of it remains, of course). "Other Guys" has the advantage of being a nice light ep with no drastic plot changes. Could fit in anywhere -- as long as Khonsu doesn't have to show up again. :)
I considered this episode the funniest one they ever made. Really the point of view thing was really cool and the scientist were just geeky enough! :)

I had a really good time watching it!! :D

Falcon Horus ;)
I thought that they'd have set out what happens in the second part of a cliff - hanger.:alienooh:

OH well, but it was a very funny episode, the one-liners rocked!
What was missing

There was something missing from this ep, one of those things that comes up after having some time to think about it. There was no logic to the purported plan of meeting with Khonsu.

The team allows themselves to be captured in order to get info that could only come directly from Khonsu who had to remain deep under-cover in the ranks of Anubis. So, assuming all went as planned (which of course it didn't), they would be brought before Khonsu, who would send all his minions away, have a good old natter with the team and then -- what?

He lets them go? They "overpower" him and escape? Either way he is complicit or incompetent, not likely to last long in the service of Anubis. Or perhaps SG1 kidnaps Khonsu -- oh, but then he can't continue his valuable service to Anubis. OK, maybe they kidnap him, escape back to Earth, then he "escapes" from them and returns to Anubis. Somehow I think Anubis wouldn't fall for that one either.

So, the plot only works if we accept from the beginning that SG1 and Khonsu's meeting plan was flawed from the start, doomed to failure and possible death for all parties involved. And General Hammond approved this? The Tok'ra High Council thought this was ok? Incompetence all around, but mostly in the writing team, if you want my opinion (and even if you didn't :D )
About ten minutes into this ep. i realized it was a dream for something VR. Everything kept on going the geeks way. no guards in the enterance room. Just happening to find the team in the air duct. not being scene in the murder of the double agent. The super hacking in the Gould computer. Reading these comments about the ep am I the only one who realized this?

This ep was basically 2 a spoof of Sci Fi action in generial.

Certainly I have considered that the story was all in Felger's imagination, but the writers did not want that to be explicit, even at the end, so only the kiss is clearly fantasy.

But with the tremendous plot hole about SG1's plan to meet Khonsu, I'd have to say that the only explanation is that the whole thing was a daydream -- no need to cover plot holes in ones fantasy.

To make the story "real" then the plan should have been to extract Khonsu, rather than just to meet. Either way, once SG1 is taken and then departs, Khonsu is out of a job with Anubis.

Cute, but implausible episode. Lots of fun as long as you don't think too much about it. Chant the mantra "Entertainment Value."
I still think the best quote was "At least my heroes exist." - Felger (Patrick McKenna from the Red Green Show)
I laughed so hard when I saw a pic for this episode and there was Harold on Stargate SG-1.

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Only fair for "SG1" to go after "Star Trek" -- after all they made fun of themselves in "Wormhole X-treme" :D
Originally posted by webmouse
Certainly I have considered that the story was all in Felger's imagination, but the writers did not want that to be explicit, even at the end, so only the kiss is clearly fantasy.
Originally posted by CynVision
I can forgive them for going Dallas on us.

So, two episodes in a row have simply be mind-games; purely in the imagination of some secondary character. I can't excuse them doing a "Dallas" on us. Next week, Daniel comes out of the shower and the whole of S6 has been a dream; he didn't die at all, it's all a dream.

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Only fair for "SG1" to go after "Star Trek" -- after all they made fun of themselves in "Wormhole X-treme" :D

They have been making small Star Trek references all of S6. It's not funny anymore. Dr. Phlox and the Geeks made too many references IMHO. I don't think scientists subscribe to the "Everything I know I owe to Star Trek" idea really.

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this eps was full of great quotes.

Has SG-1 really saved the Earth 8 times as Teal'c corrects?

I liked the Jack-ism inside the force-shield:

Jack (to Teal'c): Don't touch that! (after touching it himself.)

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They still need to give JQ more to do.

Sam (to JQ): Your not smiling... ...but it's the first time you've been captured by a Gou'ald.
Not much to add to what had already been said apart from I thought it was a really funny one...got kinda bored with it towards the end but some great one liners from Jack and co. :cool: