6.06: Abyss

That's just OTT with the censorship, it could have been far more graphic then what it was, the writers did a good job at keeping it suitable, but getting the point across.

I've noticed this with the DVDs, there were quite a few scenes missing (from what I could tell) from COTG television version then on DVD, and not just the Sha're scenes...

It's just madness..
I've got cotg's on dvd with the Sha're scene in it.


Edit: Oops. Just remembered the confidentiality email clause thingy.
Doesnt look good in my line of work to get picked up on these things.
A summary of the email should be ok tho.

The ep was shown at 7:30pm. The ep was originaly rated M. M's can only be shown after 8:30pm. The ep was edited to bring it to PG and thus be shown at its 7:30 timeslot.
She threw me a bone and said any repeat would be unedited.
What about when it's shown in Victoria? Will that count as a repeat or not?
I'm pretty sure you guys are watching the same eps we are over here in Perth?? Edit: Unless you're from country Victoria. In that case, you're probably behind a fair way.
Either way, if its shown at 7:30pm it will be edited from what i understand. The repeats (shown during the summer) will probably be on at 8:30 or 9:30. Thus letting them leave it unedited.

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