6.06: Abyss

hmmm, this is sooooo unfair, I want season 6. Keep up the chatter, it's all that will get me through.:rolleyes:
if anyone's interested, they said that abyss pulled a 1.5 rating...which is down fromtheir 'normal' 1.7 but still very respectable and likely beat farscape yet again.

something i think sci-fi is aware of. in NIghtwalkers they did 'watch for a special sneak peek' in farscape, that was really a ten second promo...and last night in shadow play they 'watch farscape for a chance to win action figures'

i guess if all else fails, bribe your viewers
Abyss Awesome


Abyss was awesome. It was like someone turned on the lights, charged up the batteries and sent life back into the show:)

Bravo to RDA for a tour de force performance, to Brad Wright for truely creative writing like I expect from him and most of all to Michael Shanks for never letting Daniel be less than quality work:)
Abyss ratings are in
from SciFi Wire

Stargate SG-1 (Abyss) 1.5
Amityville Horror 1.3
Sometimes Come Back 1.2
Farscape 1.2
Living Dead 3 1.1
Amityville II 1.0
Beyond Belief 1.0
Living Dead 2 1.0
Amityville III 0.9
Cujo 0.9

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 7/15/02 - 7/21/02
FINALLY got to watch it on mini computer download version. I loved this ep. & no I don't think it was too soon to bring back Danny boy for a visit. I did find it odd that Danny didn't stick around for Sam to see unless he just didn't feel like explaining things & having an emotional Sam on his hands? Maybe Danny boy is in Jack's head & not really ascended? Jack's the only one that has talked to him. I do like to think that Danny did tip off the SGC where Jack was being held though...
I think it could've made a two parter. Then it would have been even better.

I liked this one, it was good to see Danny again. Just ashame he won't be back for more.

I did however get the feeling that it was a bit rushed, there could've been allot more to the danny scenes and yeah, we could've seen the rescue. But think the daniel scenes could have been expanded more.

It's left me a little sad though, the team as it once was, I think the both times daniel wasn't given a send off that was just right, I don't know, we may not see him again, ever..
I really liked this one...the best so far of this season I think and not jsut because Daniel was back.
I loved the story of it and the scenes between Jack and Daniel were great..a bit like old times.
I did miss seeing the rescue and what is going to happen to Baal and all that after Yue got hold of him.
I would have like to seen more of Jack as a Tok'ra but overall it was great and a good story...enjoy it sooo much.
I would have also liked to have seen the look on Teal'c and Sams face when they saw Danny...but maybe we will have to wait for that! :D
I liked the Ep - with good old Daniel. Saying that I hadn't missed him that much, as I saw him this morning in 'Fire and Water' lol. But still a good Ep, not the best though as there wasn't much action, and poor Jack!! The end was a bit rushed too. Ah well, we can't have everything.
IMHO the best episode this season so far.

Surprising, since it was a 'bottle-show' -- it only had two new sets -- apart from the SGC ones. I expect all the money went on actors wages.

The torture theme has not been done on 'Stargate' yet, but was done with Mulder in the final 'X-Files' episode, and was done better in 'Star Trek' with Picard in 'Chain of Command'. Any series that lasts this long will always be accused of reusing ideas, it can't really be helped.

I liked Baal. I hope we seem him again -- I miss Apophis and Chronos!

Originally posted by Gemsong Their right to arrogance is becoming more and more unfounded.

I think that they just see us as children. The Tok'ra says something like Caanan has lived several lifetimes before you were born. They think we don't know enough about the Galaxy to make informed decisions, yet they never share any knowledge with us that would educate us, or help us to see their own position. This episode showed that there was a solution to the problem, and that humans could find it, given half a chance.

Way to go, humans!
Death to the Tau'ri!!!

They should have just killed O'neil while they had the chance.
The torture was very cool, but then after he died the first time, it should have been: Errr...all our sarcophagi are broken. Oops :D
It isn't actully a given that Yu DID get hold of Baal. I think it's more likely he escaped the clutches of a fellow System Lord.

I liked Baal too, not least because the actor is a fellow countryman! I thought he had presence.

And Dave, I miss Chronos too.....and god help me, I never thought I would say this, also Apophis, or at least the idea of him. I wish they would allow Anubis to come out of the closet!

;) :cool:
I like this ep, it was good to see danny again
But I still think Jonas is an alright guy :D
Originally posted by Anni
I liked Baal too, not least because the actor is a fellow countryman! I thought he had presence.

And Dave, I miss Chronos too.....and god help me, I never thought I would say this, also Apophis, or at least the idea of him.

Apophis is really cool, with a great physique (mmmrrrrraaaaaaooooo) - and a Lenny Kravitz hair-do. And Heru'ur is a real party animal!!! :D

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut - back from SG-5
This episode was shown in Australia last Thursday.
All the torture scenes were edited out.

Originally posted by RaTY
This episode was shown in Australia last Thursday.
All the torture scenes were edited out.

All of them? It isn't really that violent... were they excised altogether or could you still hear the dialogue?
All gone. Completely.

Its timeslot is 7:30pm, so i can kinda understand if they didnt want to show it then...But why not just step it back an hour?
They had no problems showing CotG's (unedited) at 8:30pm a few years ago.

I sent off an email to the station wanting an answer. I'll post it here IF i get one.
Yeh, that's a bit ridiculous - it shows at 8pm here in the UK and we luckily didn't have anything cut from this one - but I would imagine the episode must have felt a bit disjointed. I'd write angry letters/emails too. :mad:
I admit that I'm a bit bewildered by this. The torture itself was not done gratuitously at all. Stargate may have a few faults, but gratuitous violence or sex are not among them. If violence could actually be tastefully achieved, they managed it!

There can't have been much left by the time they edited it all. Especially since the torture part made the whole episode make sense. I am completely baffled.

"Most" of the story was filled in when jack was talking with daniel in the cell, and Sam/Jonus/Teal'c working on it back at the sgc.

I was sooo looking forward to the acid scene. Squint-vision can only do so much.
It was impossible for them to build the URGANCY of jacks situation without the torture, and we only got to see Baal VERY briefly.

The best episode in season 6 was raped.

Any other aussies wona comment on this?

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