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Feb 22, 2001
O'Neill is captured and tortured by the Goa'uld, and must rely on an old friend to survive.
This is odd. With only 2 days until the(US) return of Dr. Jackson, I would have expected to see all of the Danny fans here drooling. I do miss having him around, but "Parker Lewis Can't Loose"! Jonas brings something new to the group. What if Danny came back full time and they kept Jonas to??
I'd say, 'in your dreams'!! :rolly2:

I'm just hoping some kind person will post a transcript, because this ep has been the only one I've been waiting on since I first heard the Shanks was gonna be in it.

I'm also hoping that it is a good ep, with generous amounts of D/J banter and not just five minutes thrown in half way thru and at the end. It's been hyped up a bit though, and so there is always the potential for disappointment I suppose. :rolleyes:

It'll also be interesting to see what the viewing figures are for Abyss.

Come on! Just think about it. With Sam, Jonas & Danny; thats all the brain power that SG1 would need. Plus it would be cool to see Jonas & Danny interact on better terms.

It felt so much like the original SG-1....that it was painful. The 'spirit' was there again, both figuratively and literally. Now...back to the shade of its former self.

there is tons and tons of dialogue in this one...more than i can ever do justice to. i suggest checking out one of the transcript sites when they have it up

but here's a synopsis to tide you over

We see two figures running through the woods, hear Jaffa hunting horns. The woman falls; she says it's too far. We hear a goa'uld voice saying it'll go to the dhd. He gets there, dials, gets shot by a staff, falls to his hands and knees, we see a symbiote bail. The now ex-host crawls a bit, gets stopped by Jaffa, it's jack…and he's been captured.


Shot of sarc, it opens, jack's inside. At the sgc, Tok'ra idc. Jack's been with the Tok'ra for days, hammy is getting annoyed. Toran shows up to tell them that jack just walked away. The sgc and the Tok'ra are not going to agree upon this one. The Tok'ra think that jack's dislike of the symbiote has something to do with it. Janet and Sam say it's no way jack did that. There's no way for a host to go against the symbiote. The Tok'ra consider him lost…hammy obviously doesn't agree.
Back to Baal's place. Jack is pressed against some sort of grid thing. We see Baal. It's some sort of gravity generator thing, keeps him pulled against it. Jack mouths off at the goa'uld. Baal tosses a knife at him. Baal thinks jack has kanan's knowledge. Baal thinks he's been here before, jack knows his way around. Evidentially kanan was here before, Baal wants to know why.
Baal will torture jack reviving him until he talks. He won't let him die until he does.

Back to the sgc
The guys want to see kanan's mission reports to try and figure out where kanan took him. Toran doesn't want to give that info up.

Back to Baal, jack's in a cell…like an oubliette, he gets dropped in and falls to the bottom…but it's the other side. Jack sees a girl, then Danny. 'I leave and look at the mess you get yourself into'


Danny's talking to jack, jack thinks he's a delusion. Throws a shoe right through him. Oma desala, the whole glowing thing. They chat a bit…jack demands Danny bust him out. Danny can't. he can't interfere, all he can do is console a friend.
All Danny knows is that jack got blended.

Back to the sgc, the guys won't let toran go.

Back to the cell. Jack has to open his mind. 'Though a candle burns in my house, no one is home'

All Danny can do is help jack ascend. Jack wants him to physically help him. Daniel can't. jack is getting frustrated. He wants help, now. Not metaphysical stuff.
They take jack away to get tortured some more.


Sam, Teal'c, Jonas are trying to figure out where jack/Kanan went. All kanan's missions were successful, so he's not evening a score

Back to Baal, Baal's shooting drops of acid at jack, letting it burn through him. Baal wants secrets, jack doesn't remember anything. He doesn’t care about protecting the Tok'ra; he gives Baal Kanan's name.

Baal now gives him a neutralizer to reward him. Sort of a pain/pleasure response. Jack's back in his cell. Sees this girl again. She's talking in some language. Danny's back. The girl is a vision/hallucination.
'if the Daniel Jackson I knew was really here, he'd do something' 'if you were really my friend you'd stop this'
'the hardest part about being what I am is knowing I have the power to change things and I can't'
Daniel can't play god…but he will ascend him.
Jack knows his team will find him. 'Jonas is at least as smart as you'
Daniel wants jack to open is mind. 'now is not the time to play dumb' jack says if the situation were reversed, he'd have gotten Daniel out.
Jack, you're a better man than that….that's where you're wrong.
Daniel says it's his only way out…jack says it's not. He asks Daniel to make the sarc not work…to kill him. 'I don't want to see this cell again Daniel'


Reading reports. Sam gets an idea. Baal's fortress, kanan's mission was months ago. Kanan used Baal's lotar to access info. A slave girl. Kanan seduced the slave to get the info. Kanan wouldn't have cared about the slave, but after blending with jack, Kanan would judge his actions in leaving her behind. Which is why Kanan went back. Kanan used both of them.

Baal's place
Questioning jack, why did Kanan come back? Jack doesn't know. Kanan used jack. But why? Baal believes something of kanan's memories remained.

Sg-1 is telling hammy. Sam plays the Jolinar card. Sam, Teal'c, Jonas all believe he is in Baal's hands. Toran says it's a fortress. Sam wants to go in. hammy says no. Security is too tight.

Baal's place.
Jack's sarc'd again. Jack's upset because he's still alive. He wants to die. Depressing shot of him alone in the cell.


Teal'c is meditating. He has a vision from junior. He goes to hammy, tells him that, yes the SGC may not be able to find a way to rescue jack…it would take a mother ship. The SGC doesn't have one…but the goa'uld do

Baal's place
More torture. Baal wants to know why Kanan came back. Jack wants him to end it…both Baal and Daniel.

Toran is ticked off, threatening to end diplomatic relations. Teal'c doesn't care, neither does Hammond. The Tok'ra need the SGC, not the other way around. Yu has now found out the location of Baal's outpost…quite conveniently. It will give jack a fighting chance.

Baal's place
Back in the cell. Jack's alive again, Danny's back Danny promises to stay until it's over. Jack says it'll never be over. Jack begs Danny to end it. If jack goes back, he's gonna talk. The secret he's keeping is how he got the info, that Kanan loved the slave girl. He came back to save her. Baal doesn’t know his lotan betrayed him. If he finds out, she's dead.
Danny tells him to hold on. That it's almost over. There's always a way out. Jack's getting his chance.
'I didn’t' do anything. It was Sam, Teal'c …Jonas too'
We hear an explosion. Danny says this is it. All you wanted was a fighting chance. Here it is.
The power flickers and goes off. The gravity that keeps jack I his cell is over. Jack breaks out, finds the girl, and drags her away.

Infirmary (we don't see the rescue)
Sam's talking, jack will suffer some withdrawal. Shaman, the slave girl, agrees to stay with the Tok'ra. Jack says good idea, Sam says, we all contributed to it. Sam asks if he wants anything. Jack asks for water, they all leave. Danny appears. Tells jack goodbye. That he has to go, he can't stay. 'I've got my journey, you've got yours'
'I know you don't think so right now but….you're gonna be all right.'
excellent episode...wow.

but what was that bit with the slave/woman disappearing into thin air?
Excellent show! But doesn't everyone miss seeing the rescue??? We really haven't seen that much fighting and/or rescues. I think that maybe MGM might be getting back to the way that SG-1 should be and let me throw in that it would be great without the commercials.
guys, i dont think we need to hide abyss spoilers in the abyss thread. if folks get in here....the either deserve or want to be spoiled. <G>

that said, the girl was all in jack's mind except for the beginning and the ending.

and i agree with you, i missed seeing the rescue. jack and danny did have some great banter but...it was like window of opp...same stuff over and over. It would have been nice to have seen sam/teal'c/jonas maybe getting the info to Yu.

i did like the symbolism about jack's cell. it's hard to describe. Baal was experimenting on gravity so he could change it in
places. jacks cell was like an oubliette. what is that??? <G>
it's an old type of dungeon. imagine one of those squatty bottles, fat and round at the bottom with a long neck, sort oflike genie's bottle. well that space would be cut into the living rock of a dungeon. no windows, no seams, no way out but the tall narrow opening at the top. Oubliette means to forget. often times these were scaled in such a way that a prisoner couldnt' sit up or stretch out in any way. the only way out is that opening at the top...sometimes it had a trap door, sometimes it didn't. no bars. gravity is your warden.

jack's cell is like this. open and light yes, but imagine a shoe box sitting so you're lookingin one of the narrow ends...then the gravity changes and you're standing on the bottom, but it's now the far wall since the gravity on that wall is pulling you down.

he had no bars, no force field. gravity is what kept him a prisoner.

now compare that to what else was keeping him prisoner. danny tells him allhe has to do is believe and he can ascend. bascally let go of this plane of existance. stop being grounded in reality and be spiritually free. (you get the idea)...jack can't. he can't 'believe'. jack doesn't and never has really gone into the 'mumbo jumbo'
jack's refusal to believe is what kept him prisoner, just like gravity is what kept him prisoner.

then our heroes (and Yu) blow the power supply and that gravity goes away. jack can take his chance and escapes. His team, his friends, can be seen as...well in the past few years he's certainly become more open to the supernatural and all that. his team has opened that possibility up to him.

maybe it's late and i'm punchy, but i think it's a cool analogy. (not to mention a sweet effect...several times we see folks walking past jack's cell)
Thank goodness for Skydiver's synopsis :D One happy SG1 fan here.

Now, my questions (to anyone who saw Abyss).

Did Jack get to say that the team/he actually missed Daniel?
At the end, was Daniel amongst the team, but the team couldn't see him?
Does anyone think Jack told the team that Daniel was with him in the cell?
Did Jack say 'thankyou' to Daniel for staying with him?
Did Jack actually ask him to come back?
Did Daniel 'float' away at the end of the last scene?

Not that I'm obsessed or anything....nah...not really THAT interested. :rolleyes:

Originally posted by Shadrak
Thank goodness for Skydiver's synopsis :D One happy SG1 fan here.

Now, my questions (to anyone who saw Abyss).

Did Jack get to say that the team/he actually missed Daniel?
At the end, was Daniel amongst the team, but the team couldn't see him?
Does anyone think Jack told the team that Daniel was with him in the cell?
Did Jack say 'thankyou' to Daniel for staying with him?
Did Jack actually ask him to come back?
Did Daniel 'float' away at the end of the last scene?

Not that I'm obsessed or anything....nah...not really THAT interested. :rolleyes:


1. Jack never really told Daniel he missed him nor did he tell Daniel the team missed him.

2. Daniel left as soon Sam entered the room so no the team didn't see him.

3. I don't think jack told the rest of the team about Daniel.

4. Yes! Jack's final words are Thank You as he looks upward and you can assume it was directed to Daniel.

5. Jack wanted Daniel to stick around for a while. Daniel refused...Jack asked about Holidays (chirstmas and ground hogs day) but Daniel refused again.

6. Daniel wasn't in the last scene, only jack was, lying in bed.

hope this helps
who jack was saying thank you to, who gave the idea to teal'c, sam and Yu (or prodded Yu) was allopen to the interpretation.

even though daniel says 'i didn't do anything, it was teal'c, sam and....jonas'...folks interpret it thier own ways.

It has only been a few days (several?) since jack went to the tok'ra so we can asume that frozen, nightwalkers and abyss all happened within a 2-3 week span or so at the most
I really liked this episode. It was awesome and the gravity thing, that was cool. And Daniel being back that was like ...:blush: so nice. Too bad he didn't show himself to the rest of the team. I liked Teal'c. He was different. Did anybody notice that too?

Falcon Horus ;)
Well in my opinion, which doesn't count for much, I thought it was an excellent episode.

Daniel was always an excellent foil for Jack and knew him better than anyone. They didn't always agree, but when push came to shove they were there for each other.

Of course I have a thing for Jack, therefore I'm rather biasd but I think this was one of his better episodes. :)
Great episode! I really enjoy it, although I would love to see more of Jack as a Tokr'a. :eek: I totally love the conversation between Daniel and Jack, and how Daniel was trying to convince Jack to ascend. The scenes where Baal was torturing Jack was also very good. Love the cell.

Krystal :rain:
well if anyone is interested, apparently Joe came into chat last night and when asked about daniel influencing sam, teal'c, Yu etc.

he said that people are welcome to interpret whatever they
want from any part of the show but that from a behind the scenes
point of view, Daniel actually influenced *no one*....not even

for all we know, daniel disappeared to catch heck from his fellow glowy friends for appearing to jack...maybe once jack said no and expressed the preference for death over ascension, danny was supposed to honor his request and leave, and he was 'breaking the rules' by hanging around

so like in many other episodes...what you see is what you want to see.

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