3.14: The Good, The Bad and The Cursed.


It goes on.....
Apr 22, 2001
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Victor and Phoebe are in a ghost town when Phoebe sees two ghosts shooting at each other. Leo and Victor, who doesn't know that Leo's a whitelighter, go off for some bonding time. Victor tells Leo that it's not easy to marry a witch becasue of those "sneaky little bastards", whitelighters. Leo orbs out, to Victor's surprise. The sisters figure out that the town is stuck in a time loop. The only way to break the curse is to right whatever wrong happened there. Cole explains that he'll never be evil again. Phoebe sees a premonition of a guy being shot and she feels the pain. Leo trys to heal Phoebe, but can't because she is pyschically connected to the guy in her premonition, Bo. Cole explains that he can shimmer to a parallel plane where the town is stuck. Prue decides to go with him. Bo's sister, Isabel, shows them where Bo is. Meanwhile, Leo finds an article about Bo and rushes back to the manor to tell Phoebe that she must try to get a premonition and send it to Bo. Cole and Prue have some trouble convincing Bo that they are good since Bo can see the evil in Cole. When he receives Phoebe's premonition of his death he realizes that he must get the townspeople to stand up to Sutter. Sutter finds Bo. Prue and Cole convince the twonspeople to stand up to Sutter and the curse is lifted. Prue sees Cole use him lethal powers to save his life. Prue and Cole return to find Phoebe well again. Prue tells Cole to leave, but Phoebe tells him not to and kisses him.
Anyone know why this ep is always miseed out on repeats? It didn't get banned, did it? I don't see why it would, really.
Can someone answer me a Q kind of related to this ep - I saw it on the Living TV charmed day on Saturday just before the 100th ep.

Did I see somewhere that Julian McMahon and Shannon Doherty had a thing going for a while ??? cos there is a scene in this ep where Cole pulls Prue out of the path of a horse (or something like that) and he has her all pressed against the wall and its looked to me like all he wanted to do was snog her face off - now that may not be the kind of thing Cole would want to do to Prue, but if it was during the time these two were having their affair then I would say their own feelings came thru loud and clear in the scene

Just wondering..........................
Yes, they did go out, don't know if they still do. But this ep was definetly from then - in fact, i'm sure we've had a similar observation before - not sure which thread though. Maybe in character chat??
Thanks Maria - I've only got into Charmed recently - I'd only seen eps here and there before so am trying to work my way thru them all. I'll have to have a proper browse through the Charmed forums !
Hey that's okay, i started watching Charmed by watching an episode here and there too :D

Feel free to browse and ask any more questions that come to you.
Just rewatched this episode and i can definetly see what you meant in that scene, not only did it look like he was gonna kiss her but he held her there quite a bit longer than he needed to. Must have been the actors unable to control their hormones :D

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