3.05: Sight Unseen


It goes on.....
Apr 22, 2001
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Prue is trying to find out who the triad sent to kill them. Prue asks Leo to find out everything he can about the triad. The triad assigns Cole an assistant named Troxa. Prue notices that Gram's necklace and Prue's favorite shirt are missing from the house being borken into and Darryl says it might be a stalker. Leo says that the triad is the highest level of evil. Prue sets a trap for a demon. Cole enters the house when the sisters are at the club and gets caught in the trap. Later, Prue sees Troxa in the mirror and throws him into the trap. She tortures him into telling her that his name is Troxa and that there's another agent- Belthazor. Then, Torxa is burned by the triad so he won't reveal more. Leo says that Belthazor is a very important demon and Prue thinks it's Cole. Later, Prue is working and is attacked. Turns out that Abbey, a worker at P3, is obsessed with Prue and stole her stuff. Prue outsmarts her and escapes.